Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron & The New Moon

When I was thinking about what I would write in this blog on the New Moon in Sagittarius and messing around on my astrology software, I discovered something that really intrigued me.

I pulled up the charts for the previous New Moons and realised that every New Moon since the Leo New Moon in August has been strongly connected by aspect to the moving Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron triple Conjunction in Aquarius.

The Leo New Moon in August Opposed it; the September Virgo New Moon Quincunxed it; October’s Libra New Moon carried a Trine aspect; November’s Scorpio Moon Squared it and finally, this December’s Sagittarius New Moon Sextiles it.

This gives me a real sense of optimism and I’ll tell you why I think so, but first a bit of explanation of New Moons and of the Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron triple Conjunction.

A New Moon (the monthly Conjunction of the Sun and Moon) is a seeding time, a time to make fresh plans. However, because the New Moon is the darkest time of the lunar cycle, we must plant our seeds in the dark, unsure of whether they will eventually sprout, blossom and bear fruit. All we can do at this stage is nurture and prepare them as best we can.

All planetary Conjunctions, such as the Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron triple Conjunction, follow the symbolism of a New Moon in that they too mark the beginning of a new cycle, a new phase, a seeding time (for a detailed example of this, see my blog on the Saturn-Pluto cycle here>).

I am optimistic because the Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron Conjunction (which has been with us since late April ‘09 and ends in early Jan ‘10) brought with it a promise of hope and healing and its close association with these New Moons gives me faith that some real good will come of it all, for individuals and for the world in general, that the seeds we have been planting this year truly can be the beginnings of a better future.

When the Conjunction was in Opposition to the Leo New Moon in August, the challenge was about balancing and healing opposing ego forces. We were invited to understand that we are all really on the same team; that it’s not about winning or losing and that helping others can be its own reward and an important part of our personal healing process.

When the Virgo New Moon formed the Quincunx (Inconjunct) aspect with Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron in September, we may have been feeling the strain, keying us to make healthy adjustments to our lifestyle to accommodate these new helping, healing energies. This awkward New Moon also helped us to ensure that we were serving the right people and causes in the right way, while remembering to look after ourselves as well.

The Libra New Moon’s helpful Trine to Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron in October allowed us the opportunity to experience an easier flow of energy between ourselves and others, and presented another opportunity to find and enjoy some balance in our lives.

In November, Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron formed a dynamic Square aspect to the Scorpio New Moon. The Square is an action aspect, so this lunation symbolized a further step along the road of letting go of our ‘stuff’ and offering it for healing and perhaps heralded a stronger call for us to help others along their own healing path. This would not have been without stress, but if handled well it was a positive New Moon energy.

Which brings us to the Sagittarius New Moon on the 16th December, the final New Moon of 2009. This New Moon is also joined by Venus in Sagittarius, forming an idealistic combination which makes a harmonious Sextile with Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron. This lunation provides us with the opportunity for a positive learning experience, for healing rifts in our relationships, for putting aside petty differences and seeing the bigger picture and for having a little faith in ourselves, each other and the world. A dynamic Square between this New Moon and Uranus, helps enervate, excite and stimulate, preparation for the changes to come.

By the time of the next New Moon on 15 January, an Eclipse, Jupiter will be on the cusp of Pisces and the triple Conjunction will fade away. What we take forward from our experience of the Conjunction is up to us to decide. However, 2010 will be a challenging year for our world and for many of us as individuals, so if we can use what we've learnt in '09 to create and hold a better vision for the future, if we can believe in our ourselves and have faith in others, if we can remain flexible yet grounded in the face of major change, if we can help others even if we ourselves are suffering, then we can move forward with confidence, hope and optimism that our next adventure will take us on a journey of love, understanding, compassion and healing.




  1. Really nice take on the new moon Mandi - I hadn't correlated the previous cycles to the 3 amigos before - thankyou!

  2. Hi Tony, I'm really pleased you liked it, I wanted to write an optimistic piece - take the edge off the Mars Rx energies I'm currently struggling with!
    Mandi :D

  3. nice one Mandy. i'm reading this just as mercury is at 25 aquarius :) - Jamie Funk

  4. Thanks for your comment Jamie! How lovely that you read it just as Mercury reached the triple conjunction degrees - don't you just love astrology?!


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