Thursday, 24 February 2011

The Jupiter-Pluto Cycle

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Jupiter and Pluto have been making a series of square aspects since July 2010 (an aspect that was part of last summer’s cardinal-t-square) and the last in the series occurs in February 2011. These squares mark an important point in the current Jupiter-Pluto cycle.

Themes for the Jupiter-Pluto Cycle
  • The need for growth at a deep level
  • The urge to expand
  • Optimized potential for growth
  • Keeping growth/inflation under control
  • The need to seek new perspectives
  • A questioning of received values, morals and ethics
  • Power struggles, shifts in power, desire for power
  • Deep issues about faith and belief, transformed beliefs
  • Tensions between different faiths and philosophical beliefs, zealotry
  • The emergence of new world philosophies
  • The need to find a new relationship/new perspective to ‘foreign’ beliefs and those of differing faiths
  • Issues around wealth and prosperity
  • The significance of power and influence
  • Opportunities for shifts in power
  • Trying to improve one’s position in life
  • Becoming a law unto ourselves
  • Powerful urge for change vs. strong resistance to change
  • The collective call to adventure
  • A growth in underground activities, the ‘black market’
  • Dark journeys of the soul
This current round of this 12-13 year cycle began with the conjunction in Sagittarius in December 2007, its orb of influence spanning roughly from October 2007 through January 2008. The conjunction marked the end of the previous cycle and the beginning of the new one and like a New Moon, was a seeding time, when the themes that would come to define the current cycle were sewn. What was planted during this time determined what will blossom and bear fruit later in the cycle.

What was happening economically at the end of 2007? Associated Press reported in Jan 2008 that “the economy deteriorated considerably during the October-to-December quarter as worsening problems in the housing market and harder-to-get credit made individuals and businesses more cautious in their spending. Fears of a recession have grown, even as inflation remained elevated. For all of 2007, the economy grew by just 2.2 percent, the weakest performance in five years.” Wikipedia states that “the US entered a recession at the end of 2007 and 2008 saw many other nations follow suit.”

This is curious, as we might expect this cycle to lead to expansion. However, the first Jupiter-Pluto square of this cycle starting summer 2010 – an alignment of tension and crisis - was just one element in the cardinal t-square. It overlapped with the Saturn-Uranus oppositions (a cycle which typically brings an upset to the status quo and ‘out with the old, in with the new’ – this was the alignment that Obamo was elected under) and the Saturn-Pluto waning square (an alignment of crisis, restriction, contraction and grim reality). Jupiter it seemed was to run with the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto themes, exaggerating and expanding them.

When Jupiter and Pluto oppose each other in 2013/2014 – the half-way, culmination point of the current cycle - it will align with the upcoming revolutionary energy of the Uranus-Pluto squares. Restrictive Saturn will have moved on to Scorpio by then so won’t be a direct part of this picture. Perhaps during this opposition we will start to see growth and expansion. Certainly, economic inflation is set to rise, as a direct result of events that occurred under the conjunction and the square. Let’s hope that growth and change, when it comes - be it economical or spiritual or philosophical - will be fair and just for everyone.

The final, waning Pluto square of this current cycle occurs in late 2016 through 2017. Any prediction depends upon what happens during the 2010 square and the 2013/14 opposition. The best we can do for now is have faith that will we will end the current cycle in a better place than we started it.

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