Wednesday, 17 May 2023

Jupiter in Taurus meets Mars & Pluto

Jupiter has today (May 17) moved into the earthy sign of the bull.

Its ongoing square with Pluto in Aquarius intensifies an already intense transiting aspect. This fixed sign Square between Taurus and Aquarius symbolises the friction between the Taurean sensual urge for security and the airy detachment of Aquarius. This aspect can turn into power struggles, with neither party willing to let go of firmly held beliefs. Worked with, this aspect offers enormous drive and the willpower to achieve great things, most especially if this transit makes aspects to the planets and angles of your birth chart.

Mathematically, it’s a fairly fleeting transit - Jupiter makes only one exact Square to Pluto (on May 18) - but as we know, transits are processes not one-off events. If you’re feeling this transit, consider your relationship to power, both for the good and the shadow side of power. Do you try to control others or yourself? Do you give your power away? Reflect upon your feelings about money and wealth, because in this world, money and power are often interchangeable.

Jupiter is Conjunct the North Node as it enters Taurus, so take notice of what opportunities you are attracting into your life, and also where you might need to have a good ol’ Pluto purge. Secrets revealed or buried is another potential theme of this potent planetary mix. It’s also is a good transit for practical inventiveness and environmentalism.

Be aware that Mars in Cancer is also a part of this mix, forming a T-Square with Jupiter and Pluto. Mars in Cancer is a defensive, protective energy, which might get in the way of putting that willpower and drive into action. The fear of emotional vulnerability can be a blocker, but when Mars moves into Leo on May 21, confidence can grow, along with the desire to be seen and recognised,

In my meditation this morning I had a moment of Jupiterian optimism. Tuning into the birdsong in my environment, I had a sense of the freedom of the birds (Aquarius loves freedom and is also associated with flight and birds). I then received the message that when more of us humans reclaim our own freedom (from fear, from our mental beliefs and constructs, from the idea that wealth only refers to money) and learn to better respect the wealth and abundance in nature, the birds (which have been in decline) will come back. Food for thought.

With love, as always,


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Saturday, 22 April 2023

Mercury Retrograde – Words are Sacred

The 15th degree of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) are spiritually significant because they represent the midway points between the Solstices and Equinoxes and fall on or close to the Cross Quarter Celtic/Pagan festivals.

Mercury goes Retrograde on April 22 at 15 degrees Taurus. It resonates with the festival of Beltane (usually observed in early May), celebrating the upcoming return of Summer. Fires are lit to represent the end of darkness and the onset of the long days of light and fertility.

Did you know that the 15 degrees of the fixed signs are also known as the Avatar Degrees in spiritual astrology? These degrees are said to open spiritual gateways. They are said to bring in synchronicities and can help us overcome difficult odds. They also invite us to move forward, for better or worse. This creates an interesting dynamic, a dilemma even, because Mercury Retrograde’s invitation is to proceed with caution, and even to go backwards to rest, review and renew.

What can we take from this? Perhaps the Moon gives us a clue. Mercury Stations Retrograde Conjunct the Moon in Taurus, the sign where the Moon arguably feels most relaxed and comfortable. Perhaps that’s the answer. Relax, get comfortable, enjoy the ride, celebrate the season and in your comfort, all the better to see the way forward when the Retrograde is over. This view is supported by the Moon because even though it might be growing in light at the start of the Retrograde, it’s coming off the back of an Eclipsed New Moon so is still dark. Everything is still unseen and unknown.

This Station is also Conjunct unpredictable Uranus. There might be an urge to get your point across and to stubbornly double down if challenged. Words may shock and have unexpected consequences, so be careful of saying what can’t be taken back because this is a Retrograde where words are sacred. But there is the potential, certainly after this Retrograde period is over (it turns direct on May 16), to communicate powerfully with messages that truly resonate with compassionate honesty.

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For the Geeks:

Mercury Stations Retrograde on April 21 (just over a day after the Aries Solar Eclipse).

Mercury goes Retrograde (starts moving backwards (from our perspective on Earth) on April 22 at 15 degrees & 37 Minutes of Taurus.

Mercury Stations Direct on May 14 at 5 degrees and 53 minutes of Taurus.

It starts moving forward again on May 16 at 5 degrees and 53 minutes of Taurus.

The Retrograde Shadow period ends on May 31 (a planet’s Retrograde Shadow lasts until it returns to the degree it went retrograde at). Whilst things start to move forward once the actual Retrograde is over, the end of the Shadow period is the final ‘all clear’.



Wednesday, 19 April 2023

Ready for the First Solar Eclipse of the Year?

The Aries Solar Eclipse of April 20, carries the frustrating energy of urgency, but also the energy of it's not quite time (it's in the very last degree of Aries).

It invites you to consider what you need to let go of to make space for the new (North Node Solar Eclipse).

It's a super-charged New Moon, planting the seeds for future transformation, especially if it connects closely to your chart (New Moon Square Pluto).

Provokes the urge to protect yourself and the people and things you care about. (Mars in Cancer).

Solutions to problems can come in a flash, but might seem impractical. Wait until the time feels right. Don't react thoughtlessly, instead respond mindfully (Mercury Conjunct Uranus in Taurus).

Connected to the Jupiter-Chiron Conjunction, it invites us to take a deep healing journey.

Eclipses are most relevant if they closely connect to your planets or angles by Conjunction or Opposition.

Like all transits, Eclipse energy is reflected in your life over time, so don't expect a one-time and done event on the day of the Eclipse.

Don't panic! Historically, Eclipses carry the energy of fear because the loss of light felt like the end of the world. Yes, Eclipses can signal endings but also promise new beginnings, the return of the light.

This Eclipse occurs just after 5am UK / 12am Eastern on April 20.

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Thursday, 13 April 2023

The Cosmic Highlighter Pen - A Late/Not Yet Solar Eclipse

Welcome to Eclipse Season!

In the last (Anaretic) degree of Aries, the first Eclipse of 2023, on April 20, carries the frustrating energy of urgency, but also the energy of it's not quite time yet.  

This month, the AOAUK team (over coffee during a very early morning recording) discuss ways to understand and use the eclipse energies:

- The meaning of the Aneretic degree

- How to negotiate a difficult Mars in Cancer (the eclipse ruler) 

- How Jupiter and Venus can help 

- Why the Fixed Star Sirius offers some support and protection

The Solar Eclipse content begins at 21 minutes in.... and if you enjoy this video, please subscribe. 

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As always with love,

Mandi xxx

Monday, 20 March 2023

The Cosmic Highlighter Pen

Even after studying and practicing astrology for almost 20 years, I still feel awe and wonder when I see the planetary energies reflected in world events and in the lives of individuals. I know astrology works, it has proved itself over and again, yet still there is something magical about noticing the correspondences between the cosmic cycles and what manifests on our planet.

Yesterday, the phrase cosmic highlighter pen came to me. Thank you, universe, this analogy perfectly encapsulates how astrology works and what it’s trying to show us. Everything in astrology has a set of symbolic meanings and to interpret these meanings we must apply them to the context of our own life circumstances, our individuality, our culture etc. and the times we live in. And this is the beauty of astrology. It remains eternally relevant, flexible and useful. And as the planets, points, asteroids and so on continually process across our skies, like cosmic messengers they highlight issues and situations to be aware of and to work on.

Here are a couple of examples of this cosmic highlighter pen.

Is Saturn in Pisces Everywhere All At Once? (AKA there's plenty more fish in the sea and many more yous in the universe)

On March 7, Saturn moved into Pisces. Five days later, on March 12, the movie Everyone, Everything, All At Once swept the board at the Oscars. As a sign, Pisces can be summed up by the title of this movie. In its purest sense Pisces knows no boundaries. It doesn’t recognise time or space and knows no limits.

The movie is about a woman living a very Saturnian life of limitation and regret, in debt to the Inland Revenue Service and struggling to navigate difficult family dynamics, including a disappointing marriage and the burden of caring about what her father thinks which gets in the way of accepting her daughter’s sexuality. It is this life of drudgery and perceived failure that sets her on the path to experiencing multiple parallel lives in alternative dimensions and in the end, to seeing and accepting the love and joy within her mundane reality.

By winning so many Oscars (as well as many other awards) this brilliant movie has been brought into mass consciousness. So what is this trying to tell us?

There has been much written about what this film means. Many have said it encapsulates nihilism; the meaningless of life and its struggles and endeavours. By this analysis, the movie, like life, means nothing and indeed the film, is, on the surface, non-sensical. And nihilism is a plausible Piscean quality. That point of surrender to nothingness amidst the chaos. But Pisces can be anything. Expand your awareness and this film and indeed life can mean anything you want it to mean. Anything and everything is possible is what I think this film is saying and surrendering to this notion can bring joy and satisfaction in unexpected ways. If you’ve seen the film, you will have your own thoughts.

But we are still talking about Saturn here. We are still operating within the time boundaries and other constraints of our physical existence and of the superego. But perhaps with Saturn in Pisces we might remind ourselves that we are in fact spiritual beings experiencing a temporary physical life. We might also remind ourselves to ground into our bodies and into the earth regularly, so as to better experience freedom of spirit without dissolving into chaos. We might also seek a way to reconcile the time constraints of Saturn with the timelessness of Pisces. How? Perhaps by remembering that while we focus so much on the past and the future, in reality (reality is a great Saturnian word) there really only is the eternal present. And in our present, we can experience the gift of meaningful surrender to what is.

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Final Memos from Pluto in Capricorn

So now to Pluto in Capricorn. I know most of the attention is on Pluto’s ingress into Aquarius in a few days, but it’s not done with Capricorn yet. It retrogrades back into Capricorn twice before settling into Aquarius for the long haul in November 2024.

So what is Pluto in Capricorn highlighting for us, right now? Remember the banking crisis of 2008, when Pluto first moved into Capricorn? Now it’s in the last degree of the sign of the goat the world is being reminded that there is still work to be done in the banking sector and perhaps in the financial sector in general. In the last week or so, two banks have reached crisis point. It seems that these banks, unlike the larger retail banking sector, have a more niche clientele, so we can hope with some optimism that this trend will not spread.

However, we are reminded that Pluto highlights where (collectively and individually) we need to seize the opportunity for restructure, renewal and rebirth. Pluto drags deep toxicity to the surface and purges so it can cleanse and transform. In our personal lives, if Pluto is making connections with your chart, if there is a repeat of earlier themes it highlights where we may need to complete the work of Pluto in Capricorn so we can move on.

With love and Blessings, 

Mandi xxx


Monday, 6 March 2023

Saturn in Pisces / Virgo Full Moon - Protection for the High Seas?


As I write the Moon is Full in Virgo, emphasizing the Virgo-Pisces axis. Within the hour, Saturn will ingress into the watery sign of Pisces and likely will already be there by the time you read this. 

We might expect that our seas will be in the news and indeed, yesterday the United Nations announced an historic agreement aimed at protecting marine diversity in international waters, those parts of the ocean known as the 'high seas.'

High seas, in maritime law, refers to all seas and oceans around the world that are not part of a nation's territory. By default, it is ocean without 'borders.' Of course, Pisces is about free flowing, open water and Saturn is all about borders. Saturn sailing through Pisces is going to be interesting. 

Here is more on that story, but before you go, check out the AOAUK's latest podcast where Rod, Marcus and myself, discuss today's Full Moon and Saturn in Pisces, where we predict (figuratively), a sea change (the video is below). 

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"It was my first astrology session and I did not know what to expect but Mandi was really helpful and explained everything in an easy way. She has answered all my questions and was very understanding when I shared my personal issues.  The session was super interesting and I took a lot from the discussion that will be useful for the future. I would recommend Mandi to anyone."

Love and Full Moon Blessings, 


Tuesday, 14 February 2023

Pisces New Moon - Surrender and Acceptance

Here in London we are being treated to beautiful morning mists which give way to gorgeous late winter sunshine. It's perfect weather for the season and for being in nature. Signs of spring are on their way. A bunch of pink crocuses have come up in my garden, their petals opening and closing with the sun. A single snowdrop has joined them.

Just over a year ago I adopted a very gentle cat. His name is Misty and yes, he loves the morning mist. His name came to me in a dream and then I was guided to my local cat shelter. A week later we brought Misty home. It was meant to be and together we have healed each other - him from the trauma of losing his former home and me from the grief of losing my beloved cat Milton.

I've been on a very Piscean journey these last few years, with several years of Neptune in Pisces transits to my mutable planets and points. There has been much loss and a long illness, but also a complete re-set of my life and my purpose. As a Capricorn Sun, letting go of the need to be productive and hard working, to control outcomes and to have a plan, was difficult. In the end the universe gave me no choice but to surrender to and accept what is, with the side effect of letting go of a lot of the grief, fear and anger I was barely aware I was holding. 

Eventually, a strong sense began to come through that divine guidance has been supporting me all along and trying to point me in the right direction. Which is not to say I am in any way special, because this is available to all of us. In my case, I just wasn't listening for a long time, or perhaps didn't given myself the space to hear it. 

It became easier when my secondary progressed Sun moved into Pisces, closely followed by my secondary progressed Moon in Pisces, my progressed New Moon. Which brings me to the upcoming Pisces New Moon on February 20. Perhaps part of the message of this New Moon is to look for where we might need more acceptance in our life, to accept that we can't control everything and might be better to go with the flow for a while.

A couple of weeks ago, I got together with the AOAUK team and we discussed the Pisces New Moon as well as the current transits around it. The link is below.

Very recently, I was guided towards healing modalities and I listened, after hearing the message a number of times. I was attuned to Reiki level II in 2007, and Reiki level I around a year before that. It was finally time for me to take the next step and I recently completed level III and am now a certified Usui/Holy Fire Reiki® Master. It was such a wonderful, life and spirit enhancing experience. I will shortly be offering Reiki treatments and distance healing, so watch this space.

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The New Moon contents starts at just over 20 minutes in...

Jupiter in Taurus meets Mars & Pluto

Jupiter has today (May 17) moved into the earthy sign of the bull. Its ongoing square with Pluto in Aquarius intensifies an already intens...