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Astrology for September Part Two ~ Equinox

Here’s part two of September’s astrological action…. (click here for part one)
The Sun viewed from the International Space Station. Image Credit: NASA
September 23: Sun Enters Libra

As the Sun moves into Libra, let’s take a moment to ponder the deeper meaning of the sign of the scales.

At the heart of Libra lies a deep need for companionship and affection. A Libran soul will suffer greatly when this is denied. The scales of Libra symbolize the constant adjustments and compromises a Libran soul feels compelled to make in order to fulfill its needs.

A naive Libra soul will swing between extremes before it finds its place of equilibrium and balance. On the one hand, Libra will selfishly pursue approval and appreciation through relationship at all costs and on the other side, the Libra soul will carelessly give itself away in order to please and placate others in the hope of being loved.

On its journey, Libra often unconsciously seeks out conflict just so it can cast itself as peacemaker. But, as the evolving Libra soul learns to be true to itself and hold its inner light steady and balanced, the need to create discord or place itself in the midst of others’ conflict, gradually falls away. In learning to rise above conflict, Libra understands that all of life is connected and interrelated. From this vantage point Libra is able to hold itself in perfect equilibrium and in so doing creates a space of harmony and peace that can truly help and serve others. Then, the Libra soul quickly realizes that it doesn’t have to experience tension and discord in order to experience relationship. The give and take of companionship and affection will come naturally and effortlessly from a place of love and light and Libra will have learned the lesson of brotherhood and the true meaning of peace.

You can consider yourself strongly Libran if you have Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Libra, or if you three or more other planets or points in Libra. Get your free chart at www.alabe.com
The Sun is in Libra until October 23.

September 23: The Autumnal Equinox*

The passage of the Sun into Libra also marks the Autumnal Equinox, one of two days in the year when day and night are of equal length. This is a great day to set your intentions for the next three months to come, taking you right up the solstice in December.

To give you a few pointers, here’s a summary of some of the energies carried within the Equinox chart (set for the moment the Sun enters Libra):

-          The desire to express creativity
-          The need for attention and drama
-          Impulsive actions
-          Insensitivity to the feelings of others, the need to consider others, the art of compromise
-          Acting without thinking vs. thinking before acting
-          Rebellious thoughts and behaviors
-          Thinking about freedom
-          Rising to challenges
-          Issues of power and control
-          Applying self discipline to goals

Major aspects in the Equinox chart are: Moon conjunct Mars in Leo; Sun in Libra (widely) conjunct Mercury in Virgo; Sun and Mercury opposite Uranus and square Pluto.
*Vernal Equinox in the southern hemisphere.

September 25: Mercury Enters Libra

Mercury in Libra invites us to communicate with charm, intelligence and diplomacy. It asks us to appreciate the beauty of language and the powerful effect our words can have. Language can be used to create harmony and happiness or it can be used to sow discord and fear.

What effect do your words have on others? Take some time during Mercury in Libra to consider this question. What are you saying about yourself when you communicate? How do you express your opinions? Do you act according to the values you express?

Try to see the opposing point of view. Practice being impartial. Perfect the art of being fair and balanced in your thinking and in your interactions with others.

Mercury is in Libra until October 13.

September 27: New Moon in Libra

This is an intense and very important New Moon because it hooks up with the ongoing Uranus in Aries–Pluto in Capricorn square.

Generally speaking, this Uranus-Pluto alignment symbolizes rebellious impulses; reckless, hot-headed behavior; sudden events; spontaneous actions; the demand for freedom; issues of respect, control and responsibility; a serious questioning of power and authority; the call for deep and radical change.

These themes have been playing out in the collective and will continue to do so in the years to come. They are also playing out more and more in the lives of individuals, in particular those who have planets or points between three and nine degrees of the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn.

This New Moon in Libra forms a t-square with Uranus and Pluto, highlighting and intensifying the themes described above, personalizing them. As all astrology students quickly learn, a t-square is a very dynamic aspect pattern which signifies conflict and important personal issues that are brought to our attention over and again until we deal with them. The aim is for resolution and ultimately, personal growth.

What issues might come up during this New Moon? Here are a few that spring to mind:

-          The need for a fresh start
-          The resolve to find a new perspective on an old problem
-          Healing old relationship issues
-          Dealing with events and/or emotions that turn your world upside down
-          Learning to cooperate with others in order to reach your goals
-          Sharing fairly on all levels – work, responsibility, power, gains
-          Thinking hard about what to do next with your life
-          Facing deep compulsions and desires
-          Finding the right balance between the old and the new
-          Intensity on any level, a rejection of the superficial, looking for deeper meaning
-          Balancing negativity and pessimism with positivity and optimism
-          Facing challenges head on

As well as in your personal life, look for all of the above themes playing out on the world stage over the coming three months or so, especially as this New Moon falls so close to the Equinox.

Remember though, that New Moons are planning, thinking, seeding times. The time for action is once the intensity of the New Moon has passed.  Therefore, this is a good time to slow down and go within. For more on the Moon’s phases and how to work with them see http://www.mandilockley.com/moon_phases.html

This New Moon, give yourself some mental space to clear and rebalance your mind. Ignore that constant chatter in your brain – the monkey mind – at least for a little while. This can be achieved by meditation, or if meditation doesn’t do it for you, by indulging yourself fully in your favorite music piece. The trick is not to let your mind lock into an idea or get fixed on your worries. If this happens, just acknowledge it and release it. I always visualize my worries in the basket of a hot air balloon, floating away into the distant sky, released into the clouds.

September 29/30: Venus Conjunct Saturn in Libra

September checks out with Venus conjunct Saturn in Libra. The planet of love and affection meeting the planet of fear, caution and obstacles doesn’t sound like a great combination does it? But, according to the rules of traditional astrology, both Venus in Saturn are very comfortable in Libra and very happy to receive each other in these signs.

So how best to use these potentially positive energies? Well, this isn’t about romantic meetings that dreams are made of. Sorry, it’s more of a reality check! It favors serious, longer term relationships. It’s about commitment, overcoming relationship fears, feeling more secure together, taking responsibility for each other.

And remember, Saturn doesn’t give away love for free - you have to work at it!

Summary of September’s Main Events
September 23: Sun Enters Libra
September 23: The Equinox
September 25: Mercury Enters Libra
September 26: Sun opposes Uranus
September 27: New Moon in Libra
September 28: Sun Conjunct Mercury and Square Pluto
September 29/30: Venus Conjunct Saturn

Note: where two dates are shown, the event occurs on the later date in western times zones such as American Eastern Time and Pacific Time and the earlier date in eastern times zones such as GMT.

With love,

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Friday, 2 September 2011

Astrology for September ~ Lists and Wishes

September is one of my favorite months. The weather mellows and it’s a time to enjoy the fruits of the soil under the Harvest Moon.  Here’s a sneak preview of September’s astro-action…

September 8/9: Mercury Enters Virgo ~ Make a List

Mercury feels right at home in organized, analytical Virgo. This is a great time for a pre-winter clean out – mentally and physically. Or if you’re below the Equator, it’s a good excuse for a spring clean. Make yourself a healthy brew of herbal tea, sit down and prepare a list of all the things you need to do over the next few weeks in preparation for the new season to come. This is also a useful Mercury placement for dealing with life’s little niggles in a practical, matter of fact kind of way, no messing. Be wary, though, of getting so caught up in the small details that you can’t see the wood for the trees and get stressed out! Stop once in a while, get out in nature, take a few deep breaths and remember that there’s always a bigger picture right under your nose.

Mercury is in Virgo until September 25.

September 12: Full Moon in Pisces ~ Make a Wish

So, you made your list under Mercury in Virgo and you’re methodically ploughing through your tasks, crossing them off one by one. Very satisfying, but then you get the feeling that something’s missing. What is it? Could it be magic? Yes, under this Pisces Full Moon it’s time to make a wish and put your faith in the unknown. It’s an opportunity to check that the practical, material path you’re following also allows room for the spiritual and ethereal side of life. Practical hard work might feed the belly, but connecting with something bigger than yourself will feed the soul. This is the Harvest Moon, so whatever you believe in spiritually, it’s a time to give thanks and set your spiritual intentions for the next month.

Of course, it’s not all about ‘me, me, me’ with Pisces or with Virgo. While Mercury in Virgo (and the Virgo New Moon in late August) are great for giving practical help to others, this Pisces Full Moon speaks of the need to show compassion to our fellow beings. Enjoy the Full Moon.

The Full Moon falls at 19 Pisces 17(Moon) and 19 Virgo 17 (Sun). 
For all of September’s Moon phases, see http://www.mandilockley.com/moon_phases.html

September 14: Venus Enters Libra ~ Correcting the Balance

Libra is one of Venus’ favorite signs. This placement is all about relationships, socializing, happy compromise, getting along with others, the nice things in life, fairness and balance.  We should be in for a nice time, but Venus makes a couple of tough connections with Uranus and Pluto on the 17th and 18th.  These aspects suggest challenges around the things (listed above) that Venus in Libra symbolizes. This is a time to think about what and who you commit to and why. It also presents an opportunity to look deeply into your own motivations and those of others in all your relationships and social interactions. Is the balance right? By the time Venus conjoins Saturn on the 30th you should be able to take responsibility and work through any remaining issues. Then you can emerge into October feeling much more secure in your relationships.

Venus is in Libra until October 8/9

September 16: Pluto Turns Direct ~ Powerful Turnarounds

Pluto has been retrograde (appearing to move backwards through the zodiac) since April and now finally turns around.  As Pluto spends over 40% of its time retrograde, it’s not worth getting in a big lather over. It is, though, worth noting the dates when it actually changes direction, because these tend to bring powerful and intense energies. Pluto turns around at 4 degrees, 53 minutes of Capricorn, so if you have planets and angles at 4-5 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and/or Capricorn, this turnaround represents a significant transit for you (get your chart for free at www.alabe.com). As I mentioned in my retrograde Pluto write up in April, a deep review of your emotional and material life could be called for, as well as dealing with issues around power and control and self-sabotaging habits. Pluto transits are not easy, but in the final analysis they can signal the start of positive change. See Notes From A Pluto transit for a personal account of what a Pluto transit can be like.

In world astrology Pluto represents big business, plutocrats, the infrastructure and administration of government, power and the abuse of power, taboos, the super wealthy and the buried riches of the earth, including oil and plutonium and nuclear energy. It’s always worth watching the news for Pluto themes a week or so either side of the turn around. If you remember, back in April, a major issue in the news was the disaster at the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan following the devastating earthquake. The handling of the disaster led to the resignation of the Prime Minister there.

September 18 /19: Mars Enters Leo ~ Brave Heart

Mars in Leo has a much better ring to it than Mars in Cancer.  In Leo, Mars asserts itself proudly, warmly, from the heart. Its expression can be dramatic, self-seeking and proud. If the will is too stubborn and self-centred, this can lead to problems, especially if Mars in Leo doesn’t feel like he’s getting the rewards he feels he deserves for his unquestionable prowess! Then Mars in Leo can become pushy, overbearing and domineering. At best though, the natural confidence of Mars in Leo is shared generously and expressed with tremendous creative flair and positive vitality. Enjoy basking in the warm heart of Mars in Leo. It’s a great placement for going for what you want, with charm and good grace.

Mars is in Leo until November 10/11.

Summary of September’s Main Events

September 8/9: Mercury Enters Virgo
September 12: Full Moon in Pisces
September 14: Venus Enters Libra
September 16: Pluto Turns Direct
September 17: Venus opposes Uranus
September 18: Venus squares Pluto
September 18 /19: Mars Enters Leo
September 23: Sun Enters Libra - coming in Part 2
September 25: Mercury Enters Libra - coming in Part 2
September 26: Sun opposes Uranus - coming in Part 2
September 27: News Moon in Libra - coming in Part 2
September 28: Sun Conjunct Mercury and Square Pluto - coming in Part 2
September 30: Venus Conjunct Saturn

Note: where two dates are shown, the event occurs on the later date in western times zones such as EDT and PDT and the earlier date in eastern times zones such as GMT.

With love,

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