Sunday, 29 November 2015

Conspiracy Theorists & Detectives of the Fantastic

As winter draws in, what better than a ghost story or two to add a thrill and a scare to these long, dark nights?

I am pleased to share details of Detectives of the Fantastic Volume II which features my new story Six Lights.

Who is haunting the staircase of an old pub and why does the ghost take exception to Jeremy's new partner? Perhaps TV psychic Darrell Morvay will have the answer?

A love story with a difference that will both scare your bones and warm your heart.

And what of the other stories in this anthology? Join Editor George Wilhite and the authors of Thirteen O'Clock Press on a hunt for the bizarre and strange. Is what they find supernatural, or is there a logical explanation for the terror they experience? What recorded stories will YOU come across in this anthology of the strange? The accounts appear real enough. They're just stories... right? Or perhaps some of these tales are real after all!

For more information or to buy Detectives of the Fantastic Volume II click here>

I also have an article in Infinity Astrological Magazine #4

David Icke - Reality Is Not What It Seems is an in-depth look at the ideas and horoscope of the UK's most ridiculed and best loved conspiracy theorist.

This issue also features essays by Nick Dagan Best, Frank C. Clifford, Sharon Knight, Wendy Stacey, Theodore White and Rod Chang, amongst others. 

It's free to read, you just need to register here>
And here's the Facebook page link

With love,

Mandi xxx

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