Sunday, 6 August 2017

New Astrology Course

For any of you interested in taking astrology classes, I'm teaching for an online international astrology school called the Academy of Astrology, which is launching a new comprehensive English-language astrology course.
Astrology forms a large part of our cultural, intellectual, religious and medical history, and studying it is endlessly rewarding.

If you want to get an idea, you can subscribe to our free monthly e-newsletter  at the URL below, as well as read more about our course which begins on Wednesday September 6th
Some special features of our school: 

+ we don't subscribe to a particular astrological 'ideology', so we teach the basics of both modern and traditional forms of Western astrology. With a comprehensive grounding in astrology, students can make their own minds up what to direct their energies towards, already having a head start in most areas!
+ we have special live online supervision groups each term, where progress can be discussed with the tutor and any issues  clarified and untangled. These may be paid for on a term-by-term basis, or are included for no additional cost as part of the yearly fee.
+ Students have the option to specialise in any areas they choose in year 3, with 'stackable' modules in all sorts of astrological specialisms ranging from mundane, to medical, to financial, to astrolocality, to traditional horary astrology and many more! Unlike other schools, once they've covered the basics, students can choose which specialisms they wish to study in greater detail.
+ all classes are streamed live and interactive at a specific time every week, and recordings of each class are available for download for several weeks afterward.
+ our tutors are excellent :)

Take a look at our website, Facebook,  & Twitter pages, and our YouTube channel for free weekly astrology videos:

Twitter: @AstroAcademyUK

Course details:

The course is modular, with 3 modules (terms) per year. The full course takes 3 years, which may be completed consecutively or in your own time: a Foundation year, followed by two years of progressively more advanced teaching, covering more detailed techniques and specialisations. 

Cost: Each semester is £220 + £20 per term for voluntary supervision group participation, or £660 for the whole year, including supervision groups.

The Foundation course this year begins on 6th September 2017 ( 19:30 BST) September.  Enrol here:

Hope you're all getting on well, whatever you're up to! 
Best wishes and here's a taster from our YouTube channel:

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