Saturday, 22 May 2021

AoA Podcast: Gemini, Mercury Retrograde, Mercury Square Neptune and more

In case you missed the live stream, this week's Academy of Astrology Podcast is now on YouTube.

Rod, Sue, Marcos and me discuss the Sun in Gemini, Mercury Square Neptune and share our tips for the upcoming Mercury Retrograde.

You can also catch up with previous editions on our channel: Academy of Astrology (the discussion on Jupiter in Pisces is not to be missed).

And while you're here, we're now taking bookings for the Academy of Astrology's lecture series on Mundane Astrology. Top names including Sue Tompkins, Lynn Bell, Darby Costello and Dr Bernadette Brady and many more, share their knowledge and insight on how astrology is reflected in world events.

I'll be talking about the Jupiter - Saturn cycle on Saturday 31st July. I'll be examining the big elemental cycles of these two most important planets in world astrology and how they have influenced our culture, our climate and how we work and connect. 

Join us! Full details here:

And here:

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