Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Saturn in Libra: A Fair Bit of Good Honest Hard Work

Saturn, in his last agonising degrees of Virgo, has been keeping us very, very busy these last few months, going over and over the minute details of ours life and the lives of others, ad nauseam. When will it ever end…..Well, the good news is that Saturn moves into Libra on 29 October, where he is much happier than he could ever be in Virgo. This is because in Libra, to use a bit of traditional astrology jargon, Saturn is in its ‘exultation’, a placement where it can operate effectively and true to his nature.

Libra is fair minded and craves peace and balance and harmonious relationship. Saturn is also fair, BUT works us hard and makes us pay our dues. So, don’t expect everything to be automatically lovey-dovey lovely with Saturn in Libra, we are going to have to work at it! Sound like a buzz-kill? Well, remember that Libra needs a bit of conflict and disharmony otherwise it doesn’t have a job to do. Libra needs a balance to find, a peace deal to negotiate, a relationship to build and a compromise to be brokered and Saturn provides the structure and authority to enable Libra needs to do that job very effectively.

Then, when all is said and done, Saturn in Libra will put you on its karmic scales, deduct points for laziness, add points for effort and goods delivered and then, in the nicest possible way, give you just what you need and everything you deserve.

But there's a long journey ahead before any of that and Saturn in Libra’s first major quest is a challenging Square aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. The essential phrase to describe Saturn-Pluto aspects is hard, hard, work! Oh, no, it doesn’t sound like much fun does it? However, this is where Saturn’s exultation in Libra comes in, for in Libra, Saturn actually enjoys putting the work in. If you note that Pluto’s current placement in Capricorn is also a sign that Saturn absolutely loves, then you can start to see that Saturn in Libra Square Pluto in Capricorn is a very, very dynamic interaction.

There will be hard work, possible losses, scary demons to face, bridges to build and re-build and a huge clean up job to do. BUT, at an individual and a world level, this is a unique opportunity for us to put our grist to the mill, work hard, hard, hard and ultimately make the necessary changes we need to get off on a good, solid, realistic footing for the future to come. Who knows, if we dig deep enough, shift enough dirt and scrub enough mucky old boulders, we might even unearth some very valuable buried treasure or flawless gems, metaphorically speaking!
Will Saturn in Libra affect you?
Well, anyone with the Sun or Moon or any planets or angles in the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) will feel the effects of Saturn in Libra dynamically at some time over the next two or three years.*
Looking at the house that Saturn in Libra will be travelling through in your personal horoscope will give you more clues about the areas of your life Saturn in Libra could affect. I plan to write an article on this subject very soon.*
Dates for Saturn in Libra: Saturn moves into Libra on 29th October 2009. Due to its retrograde (apparent backwards motion through the sky), Saturn moves back into Virgo on 7th April 2010, then re-enters Libra on 21st July 2010, where it will stay until it moves into Scorpio in October 2012.
Will Saturn in Libra Square Pluto in Capricorn affect you?
Looking at Sun signs alone, simply put, you will feel the effects of the Saturn-Pluto square in particular if you’re a March-born Aries, a June-born Cancer, a September-born Libra or a December-born Capricorn.
Going deeper, you will be hit by the Saturn-Pluto square if you have the Sun or Moon or any planets or angles in the first five degrees of the cardinal signs. You will have all next year to work on the issues that Saturn-Pluto throws up for you, with the additional influence of Uranus (the planet of change, excitement and disruption) who, moving back and forth between the late degrees of Pisces and the first degrees of Aries forms a T-Square with Saturn-Pluto from late Spring 2010 (much more on this in forthcoming articles).*
Dates for Saturn in Libra Square Pluto in Capricorn: The three exact Squares between Saturn and Pluto are 15th November 2009, 31st January 2010 and 21st August 2010. However, please remember that these are long transits which symbolise huge shifts in our individual and collective lives. These processes take time to develop. They are not simply a series of one-day, one-off events. Please also note that Uranus will start to form a T-Square with Saturn and Pluto from around March 2010.
Further Reading
This is a HUGE topic, with so much to explore, my short 'n' sweet blog here barely even touches the surface. For further reading, here are a few web places I’d recommend:

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See also my recent blogs about the Saturn-Uranus opppositions and Saturn-Uranus-Pluto configurations.

A good review of Saturn in Libra from the personal perspective from, a comprehensive astrology website, especially good for the beginner or novice:

Astrologer Gary Caton, for The Mountain Astrologer, writes about the Saturn in Libra Ingress Chart:

Bill Herbst has written reams and reams on the current and upcoming Saturn, Uranus and Pluto transits. His predictions for the current economic crisis date back to 2006!

A discussion on Saturn in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn is going on right now on The Mountain Astrologer’s Facebook page – a very positive take amidst some of the doom and gloom that's out there. Read, join in, ask questions.

Finally, you can always rely on The Baron to bend our minds with his unique take on the sky's current movements. This is solid, informed astrology, with a dark, entertaining twist & I hear that a mind bending article on Saturn in Libra is coming very soon (in the meantime check out his Halloween special horoscopes)
If you are interested in a personal consultation, please see my website at or email me for more details at

Finding out about your Chart
*If you do not know if you have Sun, Moon, planets or angles in the relevant degrees and/or signs you can quickly download your own birth chart which will provide you with this information in a simply understood way at

Saturday, 24 October 2009

An Investigation into Scorpio

The Sun has begun its yearly investigation of the wondrous sign of Scorpio.

Think passion, think depth, think mystery.

Scorpio is one of the emotional water signs. In Pisces water runs freely, but is at risk of becoming tainted as it flows indiscriminately. In Cancer water is contained and used resourcefully, but is at risk of becoming stagnant if held for too long. In Scorpio, water is held in solid form, as ice. As such, it is not easily accessible, but once thawed, is pure and crystal clear. So, while Scorpio is a cool customer, he holds the power to transform that which is dark and dirty into that which is cleansing and healing.

Scorpio is ruled traditionally by Mars, the planet of assertive action. Filtered through Scorpio the energy is controlled, it is used strategically and purposefully, behind the scenes. The mantra for Scorpio is I Desire, reminding us that Mars is also the planet of passion and that Scorpio possesses the strength and willpower to get what it wants. Scorpio if it so wishes, knows how to hold you in its thrall.

Scorpio’s modern ruler is Pluto, God of the Underworld. In Pluto’s realm much is hidden beneath the surface. Pluto tells us that it is Scorpio’s life purpose to use its powerful energy to scour the hidden depths, along the way transforming emotion, purging feelings and finding the light within the darkness.

On this journey, Scorpio investigates, controls, uncovers and penetrates. It is not uncomfortable with exploring the dark side of human life. Scorpio types are our psychoanalysts, investigators, researchers, occultists, alternative healers, sex therapists, alchemists, morticians and spin doctors, whatever their day job might be.

If you see a Scorpio looking deep, serious and dark-eyed smile at them, pay them a compliment, show them a kindness, lighten us their day. Do it sincerely, always sincerely! Watching a Scorpio thaw is a beautiful thing. Release their desire, feel their passion. If they don’t respond to you, either they’ve spotted you as a fake or they are storing your kindness for payback some other time. Then, one day you will find that the famous Scorpio sting in the tail is not always poisonous, it can just as easily be healing, ambrosial and in the right context, very sexy.

This blog is dedicated to Riikka, Dolores and Nusse, who between them have Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Scorpio and Scorpio Rising. Three true friends who are always there for me when I am in need.

Who keeps an arrow in his bow
And if you prod, he lets it go?
A fervent friend, a subtle foe –

*Quotation from Shorthand of the Soul by David Hayward, Flare Publications, 1999.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Libra New Moon Meditation

A New Moon, under the darkening sky, is a good time to go within and this Libra New Moon, on the 18th October, is a good time to reflect upon where we need to find balance in our lives. So, this month, rather than looking at the astrological chart for the New Moon, I have devised a meditation which you may enjoy.

All you will need for this meditation is a quiet place and an Autumn leaf. It can be done indoors or outdoors.

Start by sitting down in a comfortable position and concentrate on your breathing, following your in-breaths and out-breaths until you start to feel stiller and calmer. As you breathe out, relax your body, making sure you are not tensed up in your shoulders, back, facial muscles etc. Make your breaths slower and longer, but comfortable. Feel your lungs filling up on the in-breath and emptying out on the out-breath.

When you are ready, take up your leaf and visualise the following image:

“A little boy, rebellious against school, watches a fluttering autumn leaf that seems to spell out his lesson for him”.

This is the Sabian Symbol for 25 degrees of Libra (the degree of the New Moon, rounded up).

Think about this image as you look at your leaf. Imagine you are that little boy, looking at the fluttering autumn leaf. What lesson do you think the leaf can teach you? Look at the colours. Think back to when it was a young leaf in the spring, unfolding and growing, full of promise. Then see it in full green colour in summer, on the tree, magnificent and strong. Look at the leaf now, beautiful, but dry and fallen from the tree. Imagine the tree in winter, bare of leaves. Now visualise the tree coming back into life in the spring and give thanks.

Now think about your own life. The ups and the downs. The happy times and the not so happy times. Think about how your life turns like the seasons. If life is currently happy and full, rejoice and give thanks, but if life has been difficult, absorb the promise of the tree and have faith in a new season of happiness and fulfilment to come. Take a moment to enjoy this feeling. Feel that you are able to hold your problems in perspective and balance now, for you are wise and like the tree, you will know when to surge forth and grow and when to rest and wait for better times.

Check in with yourself now to make sure you are still breathing and your body is still relaxed.

Look closely at the patterns on the leaf again now. Look at the symmetry and balance and contemplate where in your life you need to find more balance and harmony. Visualise yourself living your life in complete harmony and balance. Enjoy this feeling.

Now think about a circumstance where you have rebelled or resisted recently. Why do you think you did? What does this tell you about yourself? What is the lesson here? Like the little boy, ask nature or spirit to help you find the answer. Let the thoughts and images float around you now. Resist the urge to follow a single train of thought, try to remain detached. If you need to break a train of thought, go back to contemplating the leaf and check your breathing.

When you are ready, give thanks to nature or spirit. Go back to concentrating on your breathing and then slowly come back to yourself. Make sure you are grounded before you jump up, to avoid feeling lightheaded. A good way to do this is to plant your feet firmly on the ground and feel the earth beneath your feet. Visualise your feet as the base of a tree, with deep roots – secure, solid and safe.



Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Ingress Update: Venus & Mars

Today, 14th October, Venus ingresses (moves) into Libra, where she will flow forwards through the sign of the scales until 8th November.

Libra’s last connection in Virgo was a conjunction with Saturn yesterday. Tense discussions with partners about sharing, cooperating and joint finances may have been on the agenda and this theme is set to continue for the next day or two, because Venus’ first cosmic frisson as she moves into Libra is a Square to Pluto in Capricorn. Feelings can run high as we realize that our current issues with partners around how we share our lives and our resources go much deeper than we may have imagined.

But take heart if things feel volcanic because Venus is very happy in Libra, the sign that he rules. Venus in Libra wants to share, cooperate, compromise and work out an equitable solution that benefits both parties. Mercury in Libra, just out of the shadow of his recent Retrograde, is there to help keep discussions balanced and friendly. Harmony will be restored.

If thing do get heated, it might be wise to remember that Libra actually needs conflict. Why you may ask? Surely Libra is the sign of peace? That’s right, but without a conflict to resolve Libra doesn’t have a job to do does she?

After the Libra New Moon on the 18th October, you should have a clearer idea of how to move forward with a renewed sense of equilibrium and balance. Holding that feeling in the months to come will prepare you well, as will Saturn’s move into Libra* at the very end of October. The good news is that Saturn is also happier in Libra, much more than he could ever be in Virgo. While Saturn in Libra will still work you hard, he will at least provide you with top class tools with which to get the job done.

Venus in Libra will be particularly pleasing if you have strong Libra in your chart (Sun, Venus, Moon in Libra for example, or Libra Rising).**

On 16th October, Mars ingresses (moves) into Leo, where he will spread his warmth right up until June next year. Mars usually only spends a month or so in one sign, but in Leo, he will go Retrograde, hence the long sojourn.

So, the planet of the warrior in the sign of the lion will have a lot of ground to cover and re-cover. How will it be? Well, compared to passive Cancer, where Mars’ energy felt slow, inward facing and frustrated, Leo is a much happier placement for him.

If you have strong Leo in your chart (Sun, Mars, Moon in Leo for example, or Leo Rising)** this is an opportunity to grow your confidence and capitalize on an increase in energy and enthusiasm with which to face life’s ups and downs. Strength comes from confidence, and so does the ability to act more quickly and more proactively. For sure, much drama will ensue, because this is Leo’s way. Warrior Leo types want to be centre stage and are prepared to fight off all-comers to get there. Now is your chance and I wish you all the love and luck in the world, because for all your hubris and egocentricity, underneath you are all heart. Once secure in the adoring love and attention you need, it would be hard pressed to find a warmer, more generous soul.

If you put Venus in Libra together with Mars in Leo, what do you get? Well, in short, a very good love match indeed! The Botticelli painting of Venus and Mars above, pretty much sums it up. So, if you feel inclined, please use the time between 18th October and 9th November to indulge in a little romantic lovemaking, perhaps with a soupcon of fun and creativity on the side.

*N.B. Saturn will Retrograde back into Virgo in April next year and then will be back in Libra for the duration from July.

**If you do not know your chart and want to see if you have strong Libra or Leo in your chart, you can quickly and easily download a free birth chart from which also includes a basic interpretation or email me at or see my website at if you would like to enquire about a personal astrology consultation.


Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Faith, Electricity & Neptune Illusions

I hope you all enjoyed the energies of the Aries Full Moon on the 4th October. I was in Egypt, getting some sun and taking some time out to do some thinking about my life and my relationship. If I relocate my chart to Sharm El-Sheikh, I have Neptune on my Descendant (the relationship angle), surely making it an ideal place to retreat and escape to, a literal oasis, a mirage in the desert. I really felt that the Moon, hanging low and bright over the Red Sea every evening was speaking to me, or maybe that was just part of the beautiful Neptune illusion. Either way, on one level, the Moon and Neptune felt like the overseers of some sort of gentle healing process.
Being out of action for a couple of weeks, I can now see September in more perspective. Wow! What a month it was! Am I the only one who felt as if they were plugged into some sort of high voltage electrical energy circuit? Wired and energized, spinning out of control unless I made a conscious effort to stay grounded? Uranus is the planet of electricity of course and he has been squaring my Jupiter in Gemini in the first house, which is by nature a nervous, edgy Jupiter, uncomfortable in the sign of the twins. Uranus square Jupiter is a hot, exciting transit, but of course Uranus came with Saturn opposing it (therefore also square to my Jupiter) which on the one hand dragged me down rather depressingly, but on the other also helped me to earth all the energies and provided a little voice of caution during the times when all I wanted to do was chuck away everything in my life, including my marriage. I am happy to report that I feel calmer now and have things more in perspective.

Why all this? Well, I honestly don’t know. I can see it all in the skies and in my personal transits and in the transits of those around me, but as for the purpose, that eludes me so far. The process is still unfolding and I am too close for it, it’s too early to tell, especially as Uranus has one more hit on Jupiter early next year, although by then Saturn will have moved on to dip his toe into Libra.

However, to take a guess, my gut feels as if I have received all this extra energy to prepare me for the further challenges to come and challenging times they are going to be. After a difficult couple of years (involving health problems, job loss, financial worries, family and relationship tensions, the whole shebang) two weeks ago my husband found out that he is soon going to lose the job that has been his passion for the last few years. He is angry and disappointed and we are both afraid, but we must carry on and hold things in perspective. I must put my own fears aside and try my best to return the support he gave me when I was in the same position a year ago.

In short, I have experienced a lot of loss and disappointment over the last two years. As yet, I can’t get any sort of grip on what is rising to the take the place of what's been taken away. No surprises that this whole period in my life started with a Neptune Solar Arc to my 8th house Sun. Maybe when Pluto conjoins my Sun (a year long transit starting early next year), I will feel more empowered to act and will be allowed some completion, even some fulfilment.

For now though, I must assume that everything will be OK so long as I have faith. Perhaps that is Jupiter’s message to me now, as he receives his bolts of disruption and excitement from Uranus. Perhaps Jupiter turning direct today in Aquarius, Uranus' own sign, is helping me to feel a little more optimistic. Maybe, in the end, like the light of the Full Moon rippling on the surface of the Red Sea, this is all just part of the beautiful illusion of life. Where my ship is headed I just do not know, so maybe I should let the winds of fate take the strain, at least for a little while. All I know is that the relief crew will be captained by Pluto and he is sure to put me to work, but, as they say, a change is as good as a rest!

Thursday, 1 October 2009

October's Moons

Here's a link to October’s Moon sign changes and Moon of Void of Course times

After a September marked by Mercury Retrograde and Virgo New Moon falling on the third exact hit of the ongoing Saturn-Uranus oppositions , as well as Pluto’s station at the Capricorn Aries Point, it’s been a crazy, unsettling month.

Now it’s October and the season has turned. The Sun is in Libra and we are about to have an Aries Full Moon, plus a Libra New Moon later in the month.

Mercury is direct, but will be passing forward through his Retrograde degrees until mid October, once again conjoining Saturn before re-entering Libra on 9th October and making a challenging square to Pluto. However, on the same day, the Sun begins to trine the Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron conjunction, suggesting that some optimistic, hopeful, healing energy could be on hand as well.

Venus moves into Libra on the 14th, where she feels happy and at home, presenting us with an opportunity to strive for a bit of love, peace and harmony.

Two days later, Mars swaps his passive aggressive placement in Cancer for a long soiree through fiery Leo, where he will be able to use his warrior energies much more directly and forcefully right through until June next year.

The Sun moves into passionate, controlled Scorpio on 23rd October and finally, at the end of the month Saturn takes his first tentative steps into Libra, anticipating an exact square with Pluto mid November, a clarion call for the Cardinal Climax (the Jupiter-Saturn-Uranus-Pluto T Square) coming in 2010.

More on all of this in forthcoming blogs, but in the meantime, I have updated my website with October’s Moon sign changes and Moon of Void of Course times which I find is a very useful tool for assessing each day’s subtle energies. I hope you find it useful too.

Enjoy October.

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