Saturday, 30 January 2010

Full Moon: The Marriage of Leo & Aquarius

The Leo Full Moon is right upon us and coming just after a Venus-Mars opposition and just ahead of the second exact alignment of the current Saturn-Pluto squares, it’s kind of an intense one. Can you feel it?

The Moon is in Leo and the Sun is in Aquarius and of course, Leo and Aquarius naturally oppose each other. Leo is involved, whereas Aquarius is detached; Leo lives through the heart, Aquarius in the head; Leo wants to lead, Aquarius doesn’t want to put itself above the common herd. For Leo the journey is the lone heroic quest, for Aquarius the path is found in working with the collective.
The challenge of the opposition is the integration of these different energies, or perhaps a better way to express it is in terms of a marriage, particularly as this Full Moon has Venus in Aquarius on the side of the Sun and retrograde Mars in Leo on the side of the Moon.

With the full light exposure that a Full Moon brings, we can ask, how do we marry these seemingly disparate forces?

Leo reminds Aquarius that sometimes a soul has to stand out from the crowd in order to lead them towards positive change. Aquarius reminds Leo not to let the ego lose sight of the bigger mission. Aquarius urges us to take a step back and consider things rationally before we act on our passions and conversely, Leo asks us to trust that if we run our reasoning past our heart and it feels right, then it probably is right.

Leo’s heroic quest can be a lonely place, but so can Aquarius’ place in, but slightly detached from, the crowd. This is where the idea of marriage comes in, the need for a partner to consult with, to share things with, to balance things out, even if that partner turns out to be another side of yourself.

I hope you’re enjoying the Leo Full Moon.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

ANNOUNCEMENT: The 1st International Astrology Day Blog-a-Thon

The 1st International Astrology Day Blog-a-thon
March 19-21, 2010

Dealing with the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto T-Square

To celebrate International Astrology Day top astrologers Donna Cunningham and C. J. Wright have come together to coordinate a 3-Day World Wide Web Blog-a-thon.

The blog-a-thon will comprise a collection of online articles on the upcoming Cardinal T-Square of Saturn in Libra, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn.

The T-Square will be in effect from 2010 to 2014. Many of us are already feeling the energies of these planets reflected in our lives, or we are wondering how these energies might affect us in the next few years.

A number of host blogs will showcase articles on how the transits of Uranus, Saturn and Pluto will affect the lives of individuals and their loved ones, present ideas on how to work effectively with the energies and offer resources to help deal with the challenges:

Friday, March 19: “So you’ve STILL got Pluto Problems?”

Saturday, March 20: Take Care of Saturn and Saturn will Take Care of You

Sunday, March 21: Uranus in Aries: Claiming a Self-Reliant Future

Astrology writers from all over the world will contribute to the event, with a number of blogs hosting pages with article descriptions, linked to the sites where the articles are posted.

Astroair Astrology is very proud to showcase the Saturn articles on Saturday March 20. For information on how to submit your Saturn related articles and ideas please email me at

For further information or to submit articles on Uranus and Pluto for consideration, please contact Donna Cunningham at Sky Writer;; or C.J. Wright at Auntie Moon;

[In case you're wondering, a blog-a-Thon is an internet-based event featuring a large, permanent collection of informative, helpful articles on a given topic. Several blogs host pages with article descriptions linked to sites where articles are posted.]

With love,

Monday, 18 January 2010

Aquarius, Aquarius

Could've been me!

Aquarius is an odd one! Well, yeah, of course you may be thinking, Aquarius is the confirmed oddball of the zodiac.

But I think there’s a paradox at the heart of Aquarius. I mean, if Aquarius is so unconventional, how come Aquarius is also the sign of the ordinary, common man or woman, the ‘any old Tom, Dick or Harry’ on the street? You see, unlike Leo, his opposite sign, he doesn't want to be the king of all he surveys, he knows that everyone is equal and if everyone is equal, then everyone is ordinary.

Aquarius will fight for equality, will fight for the common good, for the group, but, as one of my first astrology teachers, Sue Tompkins, said, once the battle is won, Aquarius is likely to turn down the invitation to celebrate down the pub with the hoi polloi. This is perhaps the point where Aquarius channels the spirit of Leo. Yes, Aquarius is equal, but doesn’t he sometimes think he’s more equal than others? Perhaps this is also why Aquarius has the reputation for aloofness. Or is that just a cover for a little bit of secret shyness? After all, Aquarius' traditional ruler is none other than stern, reserved Saturn!

But, being an Air sign, sociability eventually gets the better of Aquarius and when it does he can be life and soul of the party enough to put any Leo in the shade. Case in point, my ever-gregarious Libra mother always, always, had trouble getting my father out of the house for a social event. Using her powers of persuasion she usually managed to sweet talk him into it. Later however, her problem was getting him home again! You see, Aquarius is a stubborn, fixed sign and once he gets into his groove, you have a hard job dragging him out of it.

Now, you might be asking, what about the weird, wacky, eccentric, unconventional, innovative and inventive Aquarius? This is where the Uranus’ ruler-ship of Aquarius comes in. I can verify all of the above from growing up with an Aquarian father, but here’s our paradox again, because there is also something weirdly, strangely conventional about Aquarius. While his ruler Uranus is all about change and upsetting the status quo, Aquarius’ fixity makes him one of the zodiac's stickers, stayers and fixers. Mmmm! How does that work? Well to quote Tompkins again, she says that Aquarius often gets stuck in an unconventional rut. Imagine a young idealistic Aquarian 25 years ago, making an ‘alternative’ career choice. For example, campaigning for an eco-charity; working in a new age shop; training to be an alternative health therapist or something at the cutting edge of IT. Back then this choice would have seemed fairly out-there. Fast forward to now and our Aquarian friend is still working in the same industry, doing things in the same way as they did back then. Here you have your unconventional rut and from the current perspective, those careers no longer seem quite so weird, do they? Avant-garde Uranus matured into responsible Saturn and these turned out to be the people we needed.

I have Moon, Mars and Venus in Aquarius as well as my Mid-Heaven. When I was in my teens and early twenties I was a bit of a goth and prided myself on my avant garde (Uranian) style in clothes, music, literature etc. Us goths were distinct from what we perceived as the ‘trendies’ (the hoi polloi, from our point of view), but as a friend pointed out to me at the time, rather insightfully, you think you're being different, but you all look the same as each other. She was right of course. There were rules (a nice Saturn word) for being a goth that were just as strict as they were for any kind of fashion tribe, but being part of a special group/clan/community felt good and isn't that sense of belonging what Aquarius is really all about?

See you all in the pub….if you twist my arm enough!

With love,

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Your New Year Resolutions Start Here

I always think that the New Year starts for real at the time of the Capricorn New Moon in mid January. Forget January 1st and your pleas to quit drinking for good, go to the gym five times a week and lost 20 pounds by March. By mid Jan we can see how unrealistic most of this is, but instead of giving up, use the energies of this sensible New Moon to make realistic plans with achievable goals.

This particular New Moon on 15th January is helped by the fact that Mercury, also in Capricorn, turns direct on the same day, after being Retrograde since December 26th. A great time, therefore, for a positive turnaround in your mindset and for renewed mental resolve.

But wait, there’s more, because this New Moon is also an Eclipse, which significantly adds to its potency.

The chart for this Eclipse, which features a very prominent Venus and comes just after Saturn turns retrograde, reflects that fact that many of us are looking for a fresh start in the way we relate to others. It also prompts us to yet again to look at our finances, in particular the balance between our spending and our earnings. I mean who doesn’t take a sharp intake of breath when the January bills roll in? The relationship of money and material possessions to our self esteem might also be worth pondering.

I also think that this is a good time to review our attitude and relationship to feminine attributes and energies. Finding ways to embrace our inner goddess, whether we are male or female, will help us, I feel, to keep ourselves in balance with the universe in the challenging months to come.

To read more about all this, see my full interpretation of the Eclipse chart and its themes in my Capricorn Solar Eclipse blog, which also contains links to other helpful resources.

Good luck everyone!


Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Venus & The Capricorn Solar Eclipse

This January's Capricorn New Moon is a Solar Eclipse, which carries a very special message from Venus.

First up, what's an Eclipse?

An Eclipse occurs when the Earth aligns with the Sun and Moon during a New Moon or a Full Moon. During a Lunar Eclipse, the Earth passes between the Full Moon opposition of the Sun and the Moon, temporarily blocking the reflected light of the Moon. A Solar Eclipse occurs under a New Moon, when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, blocking out the light of the Sun. Eclipses come in pairs, with a Lunar Eclipse following a Solar Eclipse a couple of weeks later, or vice versa, and we usually experience two pairs of Eclipses each calendar year. The January 15th Solar Eclipse follows the Lunar Eclipse on December 31st.

What is the general meaning of an Eclipse?

Eclipses are very dramatic events to observe, as those lucky enough to have witnessed a Total Eclipse of the Sun or watched on a clear night as the Moon disappeared behind the shadow of the Earth, will verify. However, you don’t need to directly experience an eclipse for its symbolism to reflect in your personal experiences. The old adage as above, so below, stands firm.That said it is difficult to predict exactly what will happen when an eclipse touches your personal astrological chart. Their effects are sometimes exciting, sometimes stressful, often passing by without having any sort of obvious effect at the time, only to manifest as an event some weeks later. In most general terms though, eclipses represent endings and new beginnings, times when the light goes out and something is taken away, creating a space for something new to germinate. If a particular Eclipse falls on a planet or point in your natal chart and you want to work consciously with the energies, they are good times for beginning the process of releasing and letting go of outdated, worn-out emotional baggage.

What are the themes of the January 15th Solar Eclipse?

In Capricorn, this Eclipse highlights all the themes and issues that fall under the sign of the goat, whose goal is to climb and conquer every mountain, step by step by step. Yes, Capricorn is the upwardly mobile organizer-administrator of the zodiac, a practical, material, get things done kind of guy. Driven by ambition and the need to progress, Capricorn is associated with managers, politicians, business people and authority figures in general. Capricorn often gets a bad press, but we need these energies, otherwise there would be worldly chaos.

When I look at the chart for this Capricorn Eclipse, I am drawn to the Saturn-Pluto Square. This is because Pluto is in the sign of this Eclipse, Capricorn, and Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn. With Saturn and Pluto's alignment coming to another exact angle at the end of January, the tensions of this challenging aspect are building once again. We can look to Venus for some interpretive clues as to where we might particularly focus our attention during this time. This is because Venus, also in Capricorn, is conjunct the Eclipse and in a mutual reception with Saturn in Libra, who has just turned Retrograde.
What does this all mean? Well, I think there are three strands of possible interpretation here.

Firstly, if we take Venus to symbolize money, and we take the Saturn-Pluto square and the planets in Capricorn, to be about, on one level, big business, big money and politics, we have a clear message for the world. This Saturn and Pluto alignment can all too easily bring out the shadow side of Capricorn, which is rigid, over-structured and cold, a dark place where making progress in the material world is the only thing that matters and integrity and taking responsibility for our actions go out of the window. Have we not witnessed this already in the excesses of an unregulated financial market and the moral bankruptcy of our politicians? Just this week, the press announced that the one-off windfall tax on city bonuses in the UK has done nothing to curb bumper payouts by the major city institutions. Tell that to the hard-up homeowners who last year were forced to make mortgage payments by credit card! Eclipses are about endings and new beginnings, so clearly something has got to seriously change in the way our society handles the business of money and distributes its wealth.

Secondly, Venus is about relationships and with Saturn in Libra having just gone Retrograde at the time of this Eclipse, this is a good time to review how we relate to others. I discussed this in some depth in my last blog, so I won’t repeat myself here. Here’s the link: Saturn Libra Retrograde: Relationship Revision Time

Lastly, Venus represents feminine energies. I have been writing in this blog since I started it about the need to find a powerful, fresh perspective and respect for feminine values. Think of Capricorn’s opposite sign, Cancer. Ruled by the Moon, Cancer is also archetypically feminine, representing the mother, the nurturer, the ebbs and flows of our emotions. While Capricorn thrusts us out into the world, Cancer brings us home again safely. As I mentioned at the beginning of this piece, Eclipses come in pairs, so we must also consider the Cancer Lunar Eclipse which helped us to ring in 2010. These Eclipses together remind us to balance the ‘out there’ with the ‘in here’, harmonise our work life with our home life and exercise compassion and fairness along with ambition and the need to progress.

All the same, just as with Capricorn, we need to ensure we don’t fall into the shadow side of Cancer, which can be needy, over-protective and emotionally manipulative. We should seek to express the higher expressions of both signs, a space where we can nurture ourselves and others and where we are willing to serve with integrity and discipline and administrate progress through responsible action and the right use of our emotional and material resources. In essence, Cancer and Capricorn really are two expressions of the same energies, constantly flowing towards and away from balance, an eternal dance of opposition and harmony.

By holding and grounding these energies in balance, we can each, in our way, create a vessel to positively carry forward the current planetary energies, energies which seem to be prompting us ever more urgently to create a new way of equality, fairness, responsible individual freedom, cooperation and community. Something I think Saturn in Libra would very much approve of.

Will this Eclipse Affect You?

This eclipse will be particularly relevant to you if you have a planet or angle between 23 and 26 degrees of Capricorn or between 23 and 26 degrees of Cancer. In particular, if it's your birthday on 14 or 15 January or 14 or 15 July, this is a powerful eclipse indeed, with the potential for major change in the air for you. If you do not know if you have planets or angles in the relevant degrees and/or signs you can quickly download your own birth chart which will provide you with this information in a simply understood way at

Further Resources

For a more detailed explanation of Eclipse phenomena, click here> to read an article by astrologer Celeste Teal, author of the book Eclipses.

In his blog for The Mountain Astrologer on this Eclipse, A New Power Emerges, Gary P Caton, discusses the bigger picture.

For NASA's webpage about this eclipse including eclipse path maps, click here>.

If you want to learn more about how to work with the energies of Eclipses on a personal level see my blog Working with Eclipses

Here again is the link to Saturn Libra Retrograde: Relationship Revision Time which poses lots of questions about how we interrelate.

Also, a link to my pieces on the current Saturn-Pluto squares.

Additionally, astrologer Donna Cunningham’s Sky Writer blog has many useful posts to help with Saturn-Pluto issues and a whole range of other stuff.

For more on the Cancer Lunar Eclipse of 31 December and how important I think the sign of Cancer is to the upcoming Cardinal T-Square, see Astro Energies for 2010.

With love,

Monday, 11 January 2010

Saturn in Libra Retrograde: Relationship Revision Time

Saturn image from NASA

Saturn, the great lesson-teacher of the zodiac, stationed Retrograde on 13 January at 5 degrees of Libra. He is currently retracing his steps backwards through the first few degrees of Libra and re-enters Virgo on 7 April, before finally regaining his forward trajectory from 30th May.

This Retrograde period is a great time to review our progress under Saturn in Libra so far. First, here’s a reminder of what I wrote when Saturn moved into Libra back in October 2009:

Libra is fair minded and craves peace and balance and harmonious relationship. Saturn is also fair, BUT works us hard and makes us pay our dues. So, don’t expect everything to be automatically lovey-dovey lovely with Saturn in Libra, we are going to have to work at it! Sound like a buzz-kill? Well, remember that Libra needs a bit of conflict and disharmony otherwise it doesn’t have a job to do. Libra needs a balance to find, a peace deal to negotiate, a relationship to build and a compromise to be brokered and Saturn provides the structure and authority to enable Libra to do that job very effectively. Then, when all is said and done, Saturn in Libra will put you on its karmic scales, deduct points for laziness, add points for effort and goods delivered and then, in the nicest possible way, give you just what you need and everything you deserve.

But there's a long journey ahead before any of that and Saturn in Libra’s first major quest is a challenging series of square aspects to Pluto in Capricorn. The essential phrase to describe Saturn-Pluto aspects is hard, hard, work! Oh, no, it doesn’t sound like much fun does it? However, this is where Saturn’s exultation in Libra comes in, for in Libra, Saturn actually enjoys putting the work in. If you note that Pluto’s current placement in Capricorn is also a sign that Saturn absolutely loves, then you can start to see that Saturn in Libra Square Pluto in Capricorn is a very, very dynamic interaction. There will be hard work, possible losses, scary demons to face, bridges to build and re-build and a huge clean up job to do. BUT, at an individual and a world level, this is a unique opportunity for us to put our grist to the mill, work hard, hard, hard and ultimately make the necessary changes we need to get off on a good, solid, realistic footing for the future to come. Who knows, if we dig deep enough, shift enough dirt and scrub enough mucky old boulders, we might even unearth some very valuable buried treasure or flawless gems, metaphorically speaking!

So what have been your lessons so far? What’s been making you work hard? Where might you find your hidden gems?

Think back to any conflicts you experienced over the last few months, perhaps at work or in your intimate relationships. Ask yourself how you could have handled it better. Was it all about winning the argument or did you just give in to the other person’s demands? Do you think you would have felt better if you had worked for a fair compromise that could have helped both parties?

In your major relationships, where does the balance of power lie? Do you give your power away by letting the other person take advantage of you? Why do you do this? Is it because you are afraid of conflict, or afraid that the other person won’t like you/love you/respect you if you stand up for yourself?

Is your behaviour often influenced by a need to please others or a need to be popular? Consider what would happen if, in the nicest way, you pleased yourself a bit more? How would others react? If you think they would not accept it, then perhaps you might consider if their respect/friendship/time etc. is really so important that you would be willing to always put their needs before your own in order to have them in your lives? Most likely, after adjusting to your new behaviour, they would still love and respect you, perhaps even more so.

Similarly, do you find you spend a lot of time running around after others, so much so that you don’t have time to get your own needs met? If so, how can you make more time for yourself? Do you need to learn to ask for help, rather than doing it all yourself? How do you feel about the time you spend doing things for others? Do you do it out of duty but secretly resent it? If so, maybe it’s time to re-balance things.

At work or at home, are you one of those ‘if you want something doing right, do it yourself’ types? If so, is it perhaps time to learn to delegate more? Or perhaps learn to work alongside others, doing it together? Wouldn’t this approach be more fun and more rewarding? Consider what you might learn from each other and how much more you could achieve as a team.

If life feels like hard, hard work at the moment, consider whether your efforts are being put to best use and whether they are focused in the right direction. Are negative emotions (fear, stress, anger, anxiety etc) overly exhausting you and making things feel worse. Perhaps you need to take a step back and unravel all this emotion in order to move forward healthily?

Finally and most importantly think about all your relationship successes over the last few months. Give yourself a pat on the back for friendships you have grown and developed, helpful alliances you have formed and for the happy, harmonious moments you've shared in your closest relationships.

Two days after Saturn went Retrograde there was a solar eclipse in the sign that Saturn rules, disciplined Capricorn. Venus in Capricorn conjoined that eclipse, in mutual reception to Saturn in Libra, reminding us then, and still now, that the most important relationship we will ever have is our relationship with our-self.

I know life feels difficult for many right now, but I do hope that in the midst of all the difficulties you are able to keep the bigger perspective and move forward. Saturn is in Libra until October 2012, so we’ve got plenty of time to do this work, plus another couple of Retrograde review periods of Saturn in Libra after this one, so don’t beat yourself up if it feels like a long slow process. Every bit of progress counts, however small and Saturn has a very long memory.

While we all, to a lesser or greater extent, absorb the energies around us, this Saturn Retrograde period will have most resonance with those of you who have planets or angles in the first 5 degrees of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) and/or the last couple of degrees of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces). You can quickly download your own birth chart which will provide you with this information in a simply understood way at

Note: This article is featured in Saturn in Libra and Relationships, published on Sasstrology as part of the 2010 International Astrology Day Blogathon. The purpose of this web-based event is to create a permanent library of articles about how to deal with the stresses of the Cardinal T-Square of Pluto, Saturn and Uranus. The main page for the Blogathon collections is at The Cardinal T-Square of 2010: Saturn, Uranus, Pluto.


Friday, 8 January 2010

Between Eclipse Weirdness

England under snow January 7th 2010. Photo: NASA

How have the first few days of January been for you so far? 2010 started with an Eclipsed Blue Moon on New Year's Eve and next week, 0n 15th Jan, there is an Eclipsed Capricorn New Moon.

Eclipses come in pairs and the couple of weeks between them can often feel like a bit of a strange time and, from my perspective at least, the beginning of January has been no exception.

Mars is still Retrograde in Leo, reflected I think in the fact that motivation, enthusiam and energy to get stuff done feels a bit off key, low and slow. And as if that wasn't enough, many of us have literally been prevented from moving around at all in the UK due to sustained extremes of weather we're just not used to.

Of course, Mercury started his backward dance through the zodiac on 26th December so we might have expected some travel chaos, but it started early thanks to some heavy snowfall just before Christmas and for a while I seriously doubted that I would get to see my family due to the icy road conditions. Fortunately, I made it and had a lovely Christmas, but the usual January back to work slog has been seriously slowed down in the UK by more snow, the heaviest and most sustained since the early 1960's! My in-laws, who live in a pretty little village near Oxford, are quite literally snowed into their house! More harsh winds and snowy weather are forecast for the next week or so.

So, will the Capricorn energies of January 15th's Solar Eclipse help us get back to some kind of normal and organised shape after what has seemed in some ways like a chaotically extended Christmas break? Well Mercury goes Direct on the same day, so there is indeed some hope.

Saying that, some of us might actually be enjoying this disruption. I for one have loved the snow, but then I've been lucky that my transport links to work and back have been OK and I have a cosy warm home to go back to. I also have a nice pair of Hunter wellies so my feet stay dry and warm while I'm trudging through the snow, with the added bonus of also being fashionable - lol! I feel for my colleague Debbie who has been facing a three hour commute to work and back every day, if she managed to make it in at all.

Let's also hope that Scottish couple Kay and John Ure, who have been seperated by the heavy snow since Kay popped out to pick up the turkey on 23rd December are finally reunited! Read their story here>.

Safe travels,
My Garden in the Snow

Monday, 4 January 2010

Thank You

It’s the start of another year and I’m yet another year older, having celebrated my Solar Return on Christmas Day…...but my July 2009 creation, Astroair Astrology, is still very much in its infancy.

I’m feeling in a sentimental mood so I would like to take this opportunity to say a HUGE Thank You to everyone who has supported this young blog so far. Thank you for reading, following, commenting, sharing, asking questions, re-tweeting etc etc.

Many of you have also very kindly put links to this blog or quoted me on your own sites. Thank you so much for that, I'm always thrilled and flattered when it happens. I have tried my best to reciprocate, but please let me know if I haven’t, so I can correct that.

You are all wonderful, each and all :D

There are so many wonderful and talented people here in cyber-land who are promoting astrology at its best. For example, which collates the work of hundreds of accomplished astrology writers. Also, @astrologyblog which similarly lists links to all the most recent weblogs from astrology writers on Twitter.

While I’m at it, a few more recommendations: Donna Cunningham’s blog at which is about astrology and so much more and is, in my opinion one of the best astrology blogs there is. Another great one is but I recommend all the other blogs listed on the right hand side of my blog home page

There’s also some great work going on at an astrology/ecology site which has links to the work of some interesting astrology writers. A shout out also to a relatively new forum set up by some lovely ladies I’ve met on Twitter. I will try and spend more time there this year.

I would also like to say a warm thank you to Callie from who has reposted a number of my blogs on her site and who is a genuinely lovely person as well.

For those of you who are more pagan minded, I would recommend a very friendly social networking site for pagans, wiccans, healers, lightworkers etc. For general contemporary spirituality is a great place to read, share and connect.

I could go on and on with the thanks and the shout-outs……….but I’m sure you haven’t got all day!

I am looking forward to continuing with Astroair Astrology in 2010, so do let me know what you liked so far, what you didn't like, if there are any topics you would like me to cover, if you would like to write a guest blog, or if you have any other feedback.

Happy 201o!

Oh and in case I didn’t mention it – Thank you!


Saturday, 2 January 2010

Void of Course Moon Times for January

Happy New Year everyone & I hope the Eclipsed Blue Moon on New Year's Eve heralded a bright new start for a happy, peaceful 2010.

Void of Course Moon times & Moon sign changes for January are now up on my website:

Blogs on January's astrological happenings to follow as they happen, but for my preview of January and the general Astro Energies for 2010 click here>.

Lots of love,
Mandi xx

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