Saturday, 23 May 2015

Adventures with Secondary Progressed Moon in Sagittarius

I celebrated my Secondary Progressed Moon moving into Sagittarius (and conjoining my Natal South Node on the 7th House cusp) with an adventure holiday in Borneo. What a wild ride!

I’m a cautious Capricorn but found myself challenged by all sorts of daring activities I never thought I would have the guts to do.

The air is full of mayfly, flying upstream to lay their eggs
Trekking uphill on narrow slippery paths through wild jungles full of angry fire ants, hungry leeches and (bonus) truly wild orangutan; wading up to my chest through rivers fully clothed; cooling off in waterfalls hidden deep in the forest; overcoming my fear of fast water by riding down rapids with nothing but a lifejacket beneath me; wading into the south china sea with nothing but the full moon to light the way, to be charmed by the dinoflagellate 'sea sparkle'; with jelly legs, shuffling over narrow bridges open to the water beneath, trying to remember that Capricorns are supposed to be sure-footed as I went.
Spot the orangutan
In just two short weeks, I learned a lot about myself – I should push myself much more than I do - and a lot about different cultures, having stayed with three different tribes along the way, amazing people. Every other word I uttered was awesome, brilliant, wow.

SP Moon in Sag is all about adventure of course, a release from the constrained emotional experience of SP Moon in Scorpio. It’s about expansion and growth, having fun, learning new things, experiencing freedom and independence and widening horizons through far flung travel and/or intellectual pursuits.

The last time my SP Moon was in Sag I was at University, another period of my life that was full of wonder and no less than life changing. It moved into Capricorn perfectly timed to the end of the last term and the start of my first job. A sobering time that was indeed!

A longhouse, our home for five days. The only way to get there is via a 90 minute ride on a traditional longboat
For my next adventures – a music festival in a medieval castle in Poland this July and early next year (by which time I will be 50 - eek!) my first ever skiing trip. Bring it on!

The Secondary Progressed Moon takes around 27-28 years to travel around the natal chart, spending two and a half years in each sign. The sign it’s in symbolises the underlying emotional current for that period and the House(s) it travels through show the area of life that will be emphasised.

For a full explanation of the Secondary Progressed Moon Cycle see my article here>

With love,
Mandi x

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