Saturday, 21 June 2014

Chiron in Pisces: Water Over Rocks (from the Archives)

With Chiron in Pisces just Retrograde (stationing half a degree from my natal Chiron - yes there were tears), here's one from the archives that's well worth revisiting...

With Chiron moving into Pisces, I have been planing to write a post about Chiron for some days now, but felt blocked, despite preparing pages and pages of notes.

The key word most of us associate with Chiron is healing and it’s very easy to predict that in Pisces, Chiron’s healing themes comes to the foremost, presenting us with a great opportunity for healing on a collective and personal level.

But Chiron, Pisces and life just isn’t as simple as that, so this morning I decided to meditate on some of the themes of Chiron in Pisces and a very interesting image came to me, an image of crystal clear water running over rocky ground, on the face of it a calm, restful image.

However, I have also been thinking about the meaning of discomfort these past few days and I had an ‘aha’ moment which brought these two ideas together. You see, for all its themes of healing, Chiron is also an uncomfortable energy. In the myth, Chiron was wounded. Only able to heal himself partially, he was fated to walk his path in perpetual discomfort. Similarly, that beautiful clear water I dreamed up in my meditation will certainly cleanse our feet, but at the same time, the rocks the water runs over will always remain uncomfortable to walk across, despite the fact that the water will cleanse the rocks and over time, smooth away their sharper edges.

In this life, it is through our experience of discomfort and through the (physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual) wounding that causes the discomfort in the first place, that we are compelled to learn. Along the way, we discover that healing, total healing, in the sense of ‘becoming whole’, is perhaps not totally possible in just a single earthly incarnation, but it is this whole-making that we are ultimately seeking, on a soul level. So, as we walk across life’s rocky path, like Chiron, we carry our wounds with us, seeking comfort from the healing waters where we can. Then, like Chiron we can eventually learn how to use the knowledge we learn from carrying our own pain, to help others to carry their own.

However, Chiron also reminds us that real healing must be sought and asked for, if the healing process is to really be felt on a deeper, soul level. Simply giving healing to another, without them asking for it, diverts them from their healing journey, robbing them of their opportunity to learn from the discomfort of walking over the rocks. Similarly, if we simply take from someone else a metaphorical ‘magical pill’ that takes away all our pain, this denies us our own lesson. We must learn to feel the discomfort of the pain, but at the same time we must learn to understand that even in pain, we do not have to suffer unnecessarily - WE CAN ASK FOR HELP. Asking for help is a truly humbling experience and is the first step on the journey through the healing waters and across the rocky ground that lies beneath. This I feel, is the key to the healing energy of Chiron as it travels through the sign of Pisces.

Data for Chiron in Pisces
[add one hour for daylight saving if applicable]
  • Chiron moved into Pisces in April 2010 and leaves in February 2019.
  • It's current retrograde began on June 20th 2014 at 17 degrees, 45 minutes of Pisces
  • It turns direct on November 23rd 2014 at 13 degrees, 5 minutes of Pisces
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With love, Mandi

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