Sunday, 23 September 2012

Saturn in Scorpio: Your Guide Through The Dark

I'm very excited about my upcoming book:
Saturn in Scorpio: Your Guide Through The Dark
Saturn’s upcoming ingress into Scorpio may feel a little worrying, but this new guide has been put together to help you successfully navigate the cold and deep waters of this transit.
The major themes of Saturn in Scorpio are explored in depth including issues of safety, fear and control; sex and intimacy; the power of love; rejection, anger, vengeance and forgiveness; the power of the unconscious and money, debt and taxes.
Find out how these themes and more may be relevant to you personally, but also discover how they will be reflected in the collective.
Concerned about how Saturn in Scorpio will affect your own birth chart?  Its transit through your natal houses and to your planets is also covered in great detail.
This unique guide also examines how Saturn in Scorpio fits into other current and upcoming major planetary alignments including the Uranus-Pluto Squares; the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto Yod of December 2012; the Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune water Grand Trine of 2013 and much more.

There's even a bonus chapter on the Secondary Progressed Moon cycle.
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  1. Hello,
    will it include Saturn over Ascendant?

  2. Hi Anonymous, yes it does - Saturn across the ASC and through the first house.

  3. hi,i was in 20/11/ 1967 how dose it effect me



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