Saturday, 3 July 2021

How Did We Get Here from There? The Jupiter Saturn Cycle & the Rise of Globalism

I'm very excited for my upcoming talk for the Academy of Astrology UK on 31st July. Here are the details:

How Did We Get Here from There? The Jupiter Saturn Cycle & the Rise of Globalism

The Conjunctions of the Jupiter and Saturn cycle, as they move through the four elements, are a reliable witness to how ideas and potentials become reality and the backdrop for humanity's most important developments.

Our journey begins thousands of years ago in ancient Sumer, when the seeds of our modern global connectedness were sown. Tracking the Jupiter Saturn Conjunctions through the elements, we will seek to answer the question: how did we get here from there?  

Along the way, we’ll look at how history has been transformed by developments in how we communicate and spread information. We’ll also consider how the speed of global change has dramatically increased over the last 40 years as the Conjunctions transitioned from the Earth signs to the Air signs. And we look at how the 2020 Aquarius Conjunction found the world battling an airborne virus and wondering: what is the new normal? 

Here's the booking link:

It's part of the Academy of Astrology's Mundane Series of Lectures and it's a fabulous opportunity to hear some of the world's top astrologers discuss world astrology, the big outer planet cycles and much, much more...

While we're here... here's the AOAUK's latest podcast where we have a very lively conversation, with loads of examples, about the current Venus-Mars Conjunction, triggering the ongoing Saturn-Uranus Square ... enjoy!

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