Saturday, 30 January 2010

Full Moon: The Marriage of Leo & Aquarius

The Leo Full Moon is right upon us and coming just after a Venus-Mars opposition and just ahead of the second exact alignment of the current Saturn-Pluto squares, it’s kind of an intense one. Can you feel it?

The Moon is in Leo and the Sun is in Aquarius and of course, Leo and Aquarius naturally oppose each other. Leo is involved, whereas Aquarius is detached; Leo lives through the heart, Aquarius in the head; Leo wants to lead, Aquarius doesn’t want to put itself above the common herd. For Leo the journey is the lone heroic quest, for Aquarius the path is found in working with the collective.
The challenge of the opposition is the integration of these different energies, or perhaps a better way to express it is in terms of a marriage, particularly as this Full Moon has Venus in Aquarius on the side of the Sun and retrograde Mars in Leo on the side of the Moon.

With the full light exposure that a Full Moon brings, we can ask, how do we marry these seemingly disparate forces?

Leo reminds Aquarius that sometimes a soul has to stand out from the crowd in order to lead them towards positive change. Aquarius reminds Leo not to let the ego lose sight of the bigger mission. Aquarius urges us to take a step back and consider things rationally before we act on our passions and conversely, Leo asks us to trust that if we run our reasoning past our heart and it feels right, then it probably is right.

Leo’s heroic quest can be a lonely place, but so can Aquarius’ place in, but slightly detached from, the crowd. This is where the idea of marriage comes in, the need for a partner to consult with, to share things with, to balance things out, even if that partner turns out to be another side of yourself.

I hope you’re enjoying the Leo Full Moon.

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  1. I love the Leo full moon that shines and reflects upon Aquarius.This is a wonderful description of the phenomena and so accurate I am always lead to the beauty and bounty of Aquarius.In its calm so sublime and inspiring .No wonder I feel this way.



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