Thursday, 1 July 2010

Astrology for July - The Wheels Keep Turning

More than ever, the sky this July reminds me of a well-oiled machine, as the planetary wheels and cogs turn this way and that, getting into alignment so that when the time is right, the Cardinal T-Square of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto can fall into its fullest exactness.

Here are the milestone events:

July 5th: Uranus in Aries stations Retrograde – expect a burst of erratic energy, surprising turnabouts and re-runs of old dramas. (To find out how Uranus in Aries could activate your Mars, click here)

July 21st: Saturn re-enters relationship and balance-oriented Libra after almost four months re-visiting hard working, orderly, health conscious Virgo. This brings all the t-square planets together in cardinal signs for the first time.

Then, on July 26th, those two planets make the last exact hit of the disruptive, status-quo challenging Saturn-Uranus Oppositions which started in 2008. How the world has changed since then!

Additionally, Jupiter in Aries stations Retrograde on the 23rd and by September the planet of growth and expansion will be back in receptive Pisces, but it won’t be leaving direct, single-focused Aries until it’s played its part in the Cardinal T-Square.

On July 30th we see an event of culmination when Mars joins Saturn in Libra, dramatically energizing the Cardinal T-Square configuration. Self-centred Mars is never too comfortable in other-oriented Libra, so this shift could be reflected in challenges and tension in our relationships. However, it also presents a golden opportunity to energetically heal and release some of our relationship blocks, including our relationship with our own self and our relationship to our collective world and the universe. More mundanely, Mars moving into a cardinal sign provides a good burst of forward motion energy to help us all to get things done!

The Cardinal T-Square ~ chart set for 30th July 2010 using whole sign houses

Wow! It seems that these exciting times are about to get even more exciting!

Add to this the fact that the all important Solar-Lunar cycle connected dramatically with the Cardinal T-Square energies during the Solstice and the Lunar Eclipse in June, forming a Grand Cross! We might be feeling like we’re a ball-bearing in a pinball machine or a passenger on a scary roller-coaster. But boy, rarely has there been a more energetic and creative time to face and heal old wounds and move forward into a space of positive change. Whoosh!

But hold tight, there’s more to come on this cosmic merry-go-round ride. In August, Saturn and Pluto make the last of their current series of inhibiting, constraining squares. This marks the beginning of the end for the current cycle, which began in the early eighties. This is the final crisis point of the cycle, when we are individually and collectively asked to face our fears, clean up our messes and move towards building fresh structures which will enable us to plant healthy seeds for the next cycle which begins in 2019.

Also in August, Jupiter and Saturn oppose each other in Aries and Libra, marking the peak, the halfway point, of the current cycle which began in 2000. This opposition occurs very close to the ‘private becomes public’ Aries Point, so there will be no hiding from seeing things just the way they are – the good and the bad. Whether we like what we see or not, will depend on how we’ve done up until now, but in the collective, we can reliably expect fresh revelations of corporate, political and economic derry-doings to come out of the woodwork.

Are you wondering how all this affects you personally? Well, if your chart has planets or angles in the early degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and/or Capricorn, your life will probably have been reflecting the Cardinal T-Square themes for some time. Much more on this to come over the next few weeks….but in the meantime don’t forget to check out the Cardinal T-Square Blog-A-Thon articles, which are more relevant now than ever.

Eclipsed Again

As I write this (end June) we are in the in-between time – those slightly unsettling couple of weeks between one Eclipse and the next.

We’ve experienced a powerfully balancing Capricorn Lunar Eclipse which formed a Grand Cross with the Cardinal T-Square planets and we’re waiting for the Cancer New Moon on July 11th, a Total Solar Eclipse.

This Eclipse falls at 19 degrees of Cancer and if it touches planets and points of your natal chart, it could represent a significant new beginning for you in one or more areas of your life. More on that in an upcoming post….

For now, this time between Eclipses is good for checking in with yourself, for doing some inner healing work and asking yourself a few questions. Think back over the last couple of years. What has changed? How have you changed? Have you adjusted to your new reality or are you still attached to the past or your vision of how you wanted things to be? If you feel you could have handled things better, acknowledge it, release that feeling without negative judgment, then rest, in preparation for the next influx of cosmic energies. Until the next Eclipse, try to just let the worldly chaos whirl all around you without connecting to it, without running with it, just ‘be’ for a few days, you’ve earned that.

Sunny Days and Bright Nights

To finish off my preview of July, the Sun, which starts the month in emotional, cosy Cancer, moves into warmhearted, dramatic Leo on July 22nd. Then on July 26th, the Sun aligns once more with the Moon, for a Full Moon in the early degrees of Aquarius.

See July’s Moon void of course times and Moon sign changes here:


Ravenesque’s Preview of July – I will be reading and re-reading this one throughout the month

Auntie Moon’s Preview of July’s Moon Phases including ‘zodiactivities’, great suggestions on how to tune into each Sun-Moon combination this month

And Finally…

Happy Birthday to Astroair Astrology, which is one year old on 11th July, the day of the Eclipse! On the day, I will post a review of the year, along with links and thank you acknowledgements to all my lovely readers. Hopefully, I’ll be able to offer a small birthday gift too (thinking cap on)!

I hope you have a wondrous July. Certainly, this is set to be an extraordinary month for many of us and I hope for you, it’s a bright and positive one. Enjoy the ride!

With love and light,

Cogs and Gears by artist Paul Chatem  
Cardinal T-Square chart drawn up using Solar Fire astrology software
Eclipse images: Credit Nasa


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