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Astrology for June ~ Welcome to Eclipse Season

Welcome to June. This is Eclipse season, when the dance of the Earth, Sun and Moon falls into special alignment. There are three eclipses in June/July, plus Neptune, Saturn, Uranus and Chiron all change direction (Uranus in July). On top of that, Jupiter makes it yearly sign change.... this time from impulsive Aries to security conscious Taurus. Expect to see many interesting developments, changes, turnarounds, endings and new beginnings over the next couple of months.

Breaking News! Solar Eclipse in Gemini
June 1:
Before I started to write this little paragraph about June’s partial solar eclipse in Gemini, I looked back on almost two years of previous Astroair posts on eclipses. Suddenly, I was overwhelmed with information! I can’t include it all here, I need to let go of some of it, or put it aside for now and possibly recycle it in a future post. Maybe this is the message of this eclipse. We can’t know everything, we can’t share every detail. Sometimes we have to discriminate and keep our communication to the essentials. Less is more. The same with our mental activity – slow down, stop worrying about trivia. Try and see things from somebody else’s point of view, focus your thoughts on positive intentions. OK, I’ll shut up now.....

But one last thing: this eclipse will be particularly relevant to you if you have planets or points between 9 and 13 degrees of Gemini or Sagittarius. A time to let go of your old ways of thinking and embrace a new, more positive mindset.

Mercury enters Gemini
June 2:
Right after the Gemini eclipse, Mercury enters its home sign of Gemini. Another opportunity to get caught up in the details and miss the bigger picture! On day one, Mercury squares Neptune, confusing our thoughts and making it difficult to concentrate. Best to think creatively and let our intuition guide us today. Make time to dream.

Mercury is in Gemini until June 16.

Neptune turns retrograde
June 3:
Neptune, after 14 years in Aquarius, dipped its toes into watery Pisces on April 4, the sign it feels its most natural affinity with. This ingress brings with it themes of compassion, philanthropy, suffering, idealism, spirituality and sacrifice. Some of these are explored in my article Neptune in Pisces Miscellanea.

Today though, Neptune turns retrograde and will travel back over old ground, giving us the concentrated Neptune in Pisces experience. It re-enters Aquarius on August 5, to find a bit of closure before finally turning around in early November and re-entering Pisces in early Feb 2012.

If you have planets or points in very late Aquarius or very early Pisces (or anything in the very last degree of the other fixed signs or very first degree of the other mutable signs), expect to experience strong Neptunian themes over the coming few months. A heightened awareness of compassion, suffering and empathy; a desire to indulge in escapism and fantasy; feeling wiped out; feeling deceived, disillusioned or disappointed; feeling ‘lost at sea’; boundary issues; heightened imagination; a deeper appreciation of art and music; spiritual and mystical experiences and creative inspiration.

It is also of note that Chiron turns retrograde on June 8 travelling back from 5 degrees Pisces and turning around at 0 degrees Pisces in November '11. So that means that those of you having retrograde Neptune in Pisces transits will also experience a Chiron in Pisces retrograde transit. In fact anyone with planets and points at 0-5 degrees Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius and Gemini will experience a concentrated blend of Piscean/Neptunian/Chironic energy. For a look at some of the themes of Chiron in Pisces, see Chiron in Pisces: Water Over Rocks.  (Chiron turns around exactly square my Ascendant, so I will be watching this retrograde closely and in fact can already feel its symbols at play).

Jupiter enters Taurus
June 4:
Jupiter changes signs about once a year, so this is an important ingress.

Jupiter in Taurus puts a big spotlight on our personal values and what we need to feel secure. We all need and want financial security but with Jupiter in Taurus we ask the question, “how much is enough?” Are we confusing financial/emotional security with over-materialism? Do we really need all those luxuries to have a safe and comfortable life? Have we been wasteful? Taurus is a practical, sensible sign that can help us find the answer to those questions. Jupiter gives us the opportunity to act on the answers with a spirit of hope and optimism. Taurus is also a sensual sign that positively sings when it connects with nature. Take time over the next year to be in nature. Feel a part of the ecosystem. Pursue the simple life with all its natural pleasures. Understand the connection between wasteful consumerism and the delicate balance of resources on our beautiful planet. Feel that connection and hope the world will follow.

Jupiter is in Taurus until June 2012.

Venus enters Gemini
June 9:

With Venus in Gemini, we become more curious about each other. We are stimulated by conversations with others, connect on the mental level and flirt playfully. This is an ingress for asking questions, making new alliances, being witty and talking, talking, talking! Enjoy!

Venus is in Gemini until July 4.

Saturn turns direct
June 12:
Saturn’s been in Libra since 2009 and is just coming out of its second retrograde period of three during its time in the sign of the scales.

It turns at 10 degrees of Libra. If you know your chart, you can see what house Saturn will turn around in (or you can get a free chart at The house will help you identify some of the themes that could come to the fore as Saturn turns around, some of the areas in life where you may need to apply discipline and hard work. See Saturn in Libra through the houses for some clues. The turnaround of Saturn will be even more potent if you have planets or points around 9-11 degrees of Libra, Aries, Capricorn or Cancer.

Lunar eclipse in Sagittarius
June 15:
The truth will out! Yes, this eclipse across Gemini (Sun) and Sagittarius (Moon), asks us to see things from a new and much bigger perspective. We are being invited to let go of self-limiting mindsets and embrace the bigger truth of life. We might question our life philosophy and come to new conclusions about what we want out of life. Things will come to a head, allowing us to embrace exciting new beginnings.

This eclipse will be particularly relevant to you if you have planets or points between 22 and 26 degrees of Gemini or Sagittarius. It falls across the same degrees of Gemini-Sagittarius as the lunar eclipse of June 1992. Look back at your life then. What patterns are repeating themselves? What do you need to let go of?

Want to know more about working with eclipses?
Working with Eclipses ~ eclipse dates and themes, the 19 year cycle and transits to eclipses
Letting Go and Releasement Work ~ scroll down this post for some tips and techniques for letting go

Mercury enters Cancer
June 16:
Incessant mental chatter is replaced by emotional thinking. Mercury in Cancer asks us to speak from our ‘gut’ rather than from logic or reason. It’s also a transit that invites us to think about our past and our roots and perhaps put some of our past ‘to bed’. Give yourself a mental hug, think nice thoughts and re-lax….

Mercury in is Cancer until July 2.

Mars enters Gemini
June 20:
Mars in Gemini invites us to act on our ideas, to communicate forcefully. It is the Mars placement of the salesman, the middleman, the debater and the persuader. We are asked to act on information we are given, but whether that information is factually correct is up for discussion. Say we're told that the car we’re eyeing up is the best on the market. We’re not sure, it’s a bit pricey and the sales guy is making some bold claims. We give it a go and we like it, but we also read up on and test a few other models before we make a decision. We are soon bombarded with lots of info and opinion! This is Mars in Gemini in action.

Mars is in Gemini until August 3

Sun into Cancer (the Solstice)
June 21:
The Sun’s yearly ingress into Cancer marks the Solstice (summer in the northern hemisphere, winter in the south). Whenever the Sun moves into the zero degree of any of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) the Aries Point is triggered. This is the point where there is a rush of energy outwards into the collective. The private becomes public and the personal becomes political. Keep an eye on the news for these themes around the Solstice time. I will be looking at the Solstice chart in detail in a forthcoming post.

In the meantime, here are some quotes from some well known Cancerians to get you into the spirit of the sign of the crab: Cancer by Cancerians

Solar Eclipse in Cancer
July 1:
Falling at 9 degrees of Cancer, Write up coming soon….

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