Monday, 17 August 2009

A Celebration of Virgo

On 22nd August, the Sun moves into exacting, discriminating Virgo.

Quiet, hardworking, critical, modest, exacting, discriminating, dissecting, modest, humble, lacking in confidence are some of the common words and phrases used to describe Virgo. Not very exciting is it? Why not?

Perhaps it’s because it comes right after Leo in the Zodiac. Any sign would seem humble after Leo, would it not?

Imagine a scene in the playground, two young lads practicing their goal scoring skills:

Little Bobby Leo, as he kicks the ball straight through the goal posts: Yes!!!! I’m ace!!!! The best!!!! I’m gonna be the next Beckham or Ronaldo!!!!

Little Jimmy Virgo, carefully lining up his ball for his shot: Quiet Bobby, I’m trying to concentrate. He shoots, the ball goes in. Hey, I’m getting good at this, a bit more practice and I might make the school team.

Humble? Not really. Realistic, hardworking, practical, yes! You see, Virgo is an Earth sign. Earth signs say it like it is, they say I am what I am, and just like their other Earth cousins, Taurus and Capricorn and they just get on with it, without any of that Leo hubris or drama.

Perhaps part of the reason for Virgo’s bad press is that it rules the 6th house of the zodiac. The 6th house, traditionally, is malefic (‘bad’). It is the house of service, toil, chores, servants, subordinates, of small and humble things. It is also the house of illness and infirmity. Doesn’t sound like much fun does it?

Of all the concepts from the above list, I think the only one that Virgo should own and embrace is service. Service does not have to mean subordination. After all, when you strip away the power and the ego, what are our politicians and spiritual leaders if they are not servants? Of course, we have to hope that they are servants to a higher cause, for the greater good, but seen this way, there is nothing humble about it. It is a huge responsibility, a responsibility worthy of any Virgo.

However, Virgo, like the other Mutable signs (Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces) must beware of spreading themselves too thin, scattering their energies and splintering off in too many directions. Saturn’s current transit through Virgo is certainly helping Virgo (and all Mutable types) to focus and the current series of history-making oppositions between Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces**, of which the next is September 15th, is a strong symbol for the positive push for change needed in the world right now.

On the world stage, it's finally time for the Pluto in Virgo* generation (Barack Obama and UK PM in waiting, David Cameron) to take the reins from the Pluto in Leo* bunch (George W Bush, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown) and clean up the messes they have made, ready for future, fair and just, Pluto in Libra* leaders.

So for now, if you have Sun in Virgo (or otherwise have strong Virgo in your horoscope) you're in very good company. Stand up, borrow a little bit of that Leo pride and confidence and get busy.

You are wonderful and the world needs you!

*The Pluto in Leo generation was born between 1938 and 1956. The Pluto in Virgo generation was born between 1957 and 1971 and the Pluto in Libra generation between 1972 and 1984. The start and end dates are approximate because Pluto tends to go back and forth before it settles into a new sign.

**More on the ongoing Saturn-Uranus oppositions here and in an upcoming blog.

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  1. Thank you for a positive portrayal of my poor, much-maligned Sun Sign (where Pluto and Uranus also reside, conjunct one another).


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