Friday, 14 August 2009

New Moon in Leo: Finger of God

On 20th August, the Moon joins the Sun for a Leo New Moon, carrying the loss and healing themes of the last few weeks with it and taking them inward for assimilation.

That the chart for this New Moon features a Yod is very significant.

A Yod is an aspect pattern comprising planets in Sextile (in this case between Mercury and Saturn in Virgo and Venus in Cancer) which make Quincunx (or Inconjunct) aspects with a third planet or planets, in this case the Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron Conjunction in Aquarius. Jup-Nep-Chi, therefore, find themselves at the powerful apex point of this formation, otherwise known as the ‘Finger of God’.

In the chart below you will see Jup-Nep-Chi at the bottom of the chart, connected to Mercury, Saturn and Venus by the green dotted lines which denote the two Quincunxes.

Yods very much bring into focus the planet/s at the apex. They call for awkward, possibly downright uncomfortable, adjustments. They want us to find clarity and move forward with our purpose. In a clear echo of the themes of the recent Aquarius Lunar Eclipse this Yod urges us to seek a fresh perspective. We are being asked to expand our consciousness, let go of beliefs/habits/emotions we no longer need and move on. It is no longer relevant to feel unworthy or unqualified for our purpose, we need to just do it! If others do not like it, we must, with compassion, let them go, then find or create our new team, reorganizing ourselves accordingly and progressing forward.

This age we are living in is a milestone time, we need the new generation of healers, visionaries, artists, poets and spiritual warriors to emerge. We need them to embody the highest Aquarian values of humanitarianism, true equality and freedom. We are not asking for old style leaders, we are asking for the forerunners of the new-style leaders. Leaders who can teach others to take responsibility for themselves, for others, for our world and who understand that they will need to step aside with grace when their job is done.

Maybe you are still unclear about your purpose, or what you should do next, still in the dark about what lies ahead on your path? Remember that the seeds you plant now, under this New Moon, must by necessity germinate in the dark. You cannot yet know the final outcome.

If you feel the urge to seek out solitude during this Leo New Moon phase to work things out and if you have the opportunity to do so, then take it. Then, in the spirit of Leo, plant the seeds of your future with pride and creativity, confident that one day they will find the Sun.

While these themes touch everyone, this New Moon will particularly affect the fixed signs: Leos, Aquarians, Taureans and Scorpios (especially those with the Sun, planets or points between 20-28 degrees of those signs). Additionally, anyone with planets or points between 20 and 24 degrees of Cancer or Virgo may also feel these energies intensely.

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