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Idealism, Hope and Healing: Sun in Leo opposes Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron

Astrology: 13th to 18th August 2009

Still hot off the back of the Aquarius Lunar Eclipse, the Sun in Leo meets the Aquarius energies again when he opposes the current and rare Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron triple conjunction. Hope and idealism are fine keywords for both Jupiter and Neptune and healing is a reliable keyword for Chiron. But we must also remember that with Neptune we are also in the world of scandals and deception, a nebulous place where nothing is ever quite what it seems and our physical and emotional boundaries can easily crumble. This is also the space where Chiron brings his healing through pain and suffering. At worst, Jupiter exaggerates and spreads the negative effects of Neptune and Chiron, but at best, Jupiter will also boost their most positive expressions.

During this triple conjunction, we have already seen the swift spread of the Swine Flu outbreak and the media and government reaction in the UK, which has been vastly overblown and disproportionate in many people’s opinion (which is not to belittle the suffering of those affected of course). The MPs expenses scandal in the UK is another example of the effects of this conjunction, especially when viewed in the wider context of the ongoing Saturn-Uranus oppositions.

As for examples of the conjunction’s positive expressions, astrologer Hiroki Niizato nails it when he describes how the recent release of the two American journalists from North Korea by former President Bill Clinton reflects the conjunction's themes of hope, faith and humanitarianism. Read his blog here: holisticastrologerblog.

On a personal level, while we may feel invigorated by the energies of the Sun in Leo, and relieved to have let go of some of our old ‘stuff’ during the Lunar Eclipse, we may still be licking our wounds and mourning what we have lost, for even in negative emotions, relationships and situations, we feel the comfort of habit and inevitably miss them when they are gone. Such is the human condition.

Jupiter, Saturn and Chiron are currently all Retrograde (in apparent backward movement). In fact, any planet that opposes the Sun will always be Retrograde (except the Moon, which is not strictly a planet of course). This means that whenever the Sun opposes a planet, it provides us with a counterpoint, an opportunity to view things from a different perspective.

So, during mid-August it might be wise to review the last few months and make adjustments as necessary. Are your old hopes and dreams still appropriate, or even possible? From this fresh perspective, are your recent disappointments really as bad as they once seemed? Has the healing process reached the point where you can finally let go of past hurts? Mars in Gemini’s helpful Trine aspect to Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron over the same period should provide the mental dexterity needed to negotiate these difficult questions and Mars’ square to Uranus on the 19th August, will provide the energy boost needed to make the necessary changes following your review*.

Leos with birthdays between 13th and 18thAugust will particularly resonate with the Sun opposition Jupiter-Saturn-Chiron themes and they will carry these energies with them during the coming year, in their Solar Return charts**. The opposition will also affect Aquarians born between 9th and 15th February; Taureans born between 11th and 17th May and Scorpios born between 12th and 18th November, as well as anyone with planets or points at 19-26 degrees of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius).

If you do not know your chart and want to see if the Sun opposite Jupiter-Saturn-Chiron is in close contact with your chart, you can quickly and easily download a free birth chart from which also includes a basic interpretation or email me at if you would like a personal consultation.

*For more on Mars’ aspects this month, see Astrogrrl’s excellent blog at: As Above, So Below

**A solar return chart is cast for your birthday, when the Sun is at the exact same degree as when you were born. The chart is said to reflect the themes of the coming year.

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