Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Ingress Update: Venus & Mars

Today, 14th October, Venus ingresses (moves) into Libra, where she will flow forwards through the sign of the scales until 8th November.

Libra’s last connection in Virgo was a conjunction with Saturn yesterday. Tense discussions with partners about sharing, cooperating and joint finances may have been on the agenda and this theme is set to continue for the next day or two, because Venus’ first cosmic frisson as she moves into Libra is a Square to Pluto in Capricorn. Feelings can run high as we realize that our current issues with partners around how we share our lives and our resources go much deeper than we may have imagined.

But take heart if things feel volcanic because Venus is very happy in Libra, the sign that he rules. Venus in Libra wants to share, cooperate, compromise and work out an equitable solution that benefits both parties. Mercury in Libra, just out of the shadow of his recent Retrograde, is there to help keep discussions balanced and friendly. Harmony will be restored.

If thing do get heated, it might be wise to remember that Libra actually needs conflict. Why you may ask? Surely Libra is the sign of peace? That’s right, but without a conflict to resolve Libra doesn’t have a job to do does she?

After the Libra New Moon on the 18th October, you should have a clearer idea of how to move forward with a renewed sense of equilibrium and balance. Holding that feeling in the months to come will prepare you well, as will Saturn’s move into Libra* at the very end of October. The good news is that Saturn is also happier in Libra, much more than he could ever be in Virgo. While Saturn in Libra will still work you hard, he will at least provide you with top class tools with which to get the job done.

Venus in Libra will be particularly pleasing if you have strong Libra in your chart (Sun, Venus, Moon in Libra for example, or Libra Rising).**

On 16th October, Mars ingresses (moves) into Leo, where he will spread his warmth right up until June next year. Mars usually only spends a month or so in one sign, but in Leo, he will go Retrograde, hence the long sojourn.

So, the planet of the warrior in the sign of the lion will have a lot of ground to cover and re-cover. How will it be? Well, compared to passive Cancer, where Mars’ energy felt slow, inward facing and frustrated, Leo is a much happier placement for him.

If you have strong Leo in your chart (Sun, Mars, Moon in Leo for example, or Leo Rising)** this is an opportunity to grow your confidence and capitalize on an increase in energy and enthusiasm with which to face life’s ups and downs. Strength comes from confidence, and so does the ability to act more quickly and more proactively. For sure, much drama will ensue, because this is Leo’s way. Warrior Leo types want to be centre stage and are prepared to fight off all-comers to get there. Now is your chance and I wish you all the love and luck in the world, because for all your hubris and egocentricity, underneath you are all heart. Once secure in the adoring love and attention you need, it would be hard pressed to find a warmer, more generous soul.

If you put Venus in Libra together with Mars in Leo, what do you get? Well, in short, a very good love match indeed! The Botticelli painting of Venus and Mars above, pretty much sums it up. So, if you feel inclined, please use the time between 18th October and 9th November to indulge in a little romantic lovemaking, perhaps with a soupcon of fun and creativity on the side.

*N.B. Saturn will Retrograde back into Virgo in April next year and then will be back in Libra for the duration from July.

**If you do not know your chart and want to see if you have strong Libra or Leo in your chart, you can quickly and easily download a free birth chart from which also includes a basic interpretation or email me at or see my website at if you would like to enquire about a personal astrology consultation.


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