Saturday, 24 October 2009

An Investigation into Scorpio

The Sun has begun its yearly investigation of the wondrous sign of Scorpio.

Think passion, think depth, think mystery.

Scorpio is one of the emotional water signs. In Pisces water runs freely, but is at risk of becoming tainted as it flows indiscriminately. In Cancer water is contained and used resourcefully, but is at risk of becoming stagnant if held for too long. In Scorpio, water is held in solid form, as ice. As such, it is not easily accessible, but once thawed, is pure and crystal clear. So, while Scorpio is a cool customer, he holds the power to transform that which is dark and dirty into that which is cleansing and healing.

Scorpio is ruled traditionally by Mars, the planet of assertive action. Filtered through Scorpio the energy is controlled, it is used strategically and purposefully, behind the scenes. The mantra for Scorpio is I Desire, reminding us that Mars is also the planet of passion and that Scorpio possesses the strength and willpower to get what it wants. Scorpio if it so wishes, knows how to hold you in its thrall.

Scorpio’s modern ruler is Pluto, God of the Underworld. In Pluto’s realm much is hidden beneath the surface. Pluto tells us that it is Scorpio’s life purpose to use its powerful energy to scour the hidden depths, along the way transforming emotion, purging feelings and finding the light within the darkness.

On this journey, Scorpio investigates, controls, uncovers and penetrates. It is not uncomfortable with exploring the dark side of human life. Scorpio types are our psychoanalysts, investigators, researchers, occultists, alternative healers, sex therapists, alchemists, morticians and spin doctors, whatever their day job might be.

If you see a Scorpio looking deep, serious and dark-eyed smile at them, pay them a compliment, show them a kindness, lighten us their day. Do it sincerely, always sincerely! Watching a Scorpio thaw is a beautiful thing. Release their desire, feel their passion. If they don’t respond to you, either they’ve spotted you as a fake or they are storing your kindness for payback some other time. Then, one day you will find that the famous Scorpio sting in the tail is not always poisonous, it can just as easily be healing, ambrosial and in the right context, very sexy.

This blog is dedicated to Riikka, Dolores and Nusse, who between them have Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Scorpio and Scorpio Rising. Three true friends who are always there for me when I am in need.

Who keeps an arrow in his bow
And if you prod, he lets it go?
A fervent friend, a subtle foe –

*Quotation from Shorthand of the Soul by David Hayward, Flare Publications, 1999.


  1. Mandi, luv yr appreciation for us Scorps, we do like that and yes you have to be authentic, honest & have integrity, we see through it all, gods help you to not say your truth! I luv being born a Scorpio, I really appreciate our depth, awareness, passion and intesity. We are really not that scary, we just make you face yourself and live in truth, well that's the effect I have, that's why I'm called Catalisa! Love your blog Mandi, hugs, Lise x

  2. Hi Catalisa,
    Thank you for your positive comments,I'm glad it struck a chord :D
    I currently have transiting Pluto conjunct my 8th house Cap Sun and am really coming to love and appreciate the Scorpio people in my life!
    A very happy birthday to you, make it a good one.
    Mandi x


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