Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron, The Story So Far

As Neptune Stations Direct* this week (the last of the three planets in the Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron conjunction to emerge out of a Retrograde period and start moving forwards again) it’s a good opportunity to review some of the recent events that have fallen under the astrological symbolism of this rare celestial alignment.

To recap from one of my previous blogs, hope and idealism are fine keywords for both Jupiter and Neptune and healing is a reliable keyword for Chiron. But we must also remember that with Neptune we are also in the world of scandals and deception, a nebulous place where nothing is ever quite what it seems. At worst, Jupiter exaggerates and spreads the negative effects of Neptune and Chiron, but at best, Jupiter will also boost their most positive expressions. This is the space where Chiron brings healing, Neptune brings compassion, Jupiter brings faith and optimism and where great deeds are possible. As the conjunction is in Aquarius, we must also bring in the themes of equality, community, freedom, humanitarianism, and charity.

Here are a few of the big stories that have been in the news during the conjunction so far which reflect some of the above themes:

The Health Care Reform Debate in the USA (and the UK National Health Service)
President Obama’s announcement of his new health care plan divided the nation and raised big (Aquarian) questions, including the moral question of whether everyone has a fundamental right to healthcare regardless of their fiscal circumstances. Critics were angry about the cost of the scheme to American tax payers, fearing it would raise inflation and lead to the financial ruin of a country already over-spending.

At the time the plan was announced, Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron were all Retrograde. In Obama’s chart they were transiting his first house, heading backwards towards his Aquarius Ascendant, the Ascendant of course being one of the signifiers for health in the horoscope. It will be interesting to see what happens next, for the debate is sure to fire up again, especially as Jupiter, which has retrograded back to Obama’s 12th house crosses his Ascendant again on the very day Neptune goes Direct!

The last time Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron joined in a triple conjunction was in 1945 in Libra, which like Aquarius is a rational, fair-minded air sign. In an article for the Astrological Association Journal, astrologer Phoebe Wyss pointed out that in ’45 a new left wing (Labour) government took power in the UK and established the National Health Service, a service which was and still is, free for everyone, irrespective of income or circumstance. The parallels with what is happening in the US now are obvious.

It is therefore very interesting that the detractors of Obama’s plan cited the failures of the UK’s NHS system (high costs, long waiting lists, the rationing of care) as a good reason not to implement Obama’s plan. This criticism prompted a huge outcry in the UK, with ordinary people on blogs and social networking sites collectively launching an unofficial viral We Love the NHS campaign. How very, very Aquarian!

It would seem clear to me then, that health and health care issues are a major concern of Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron conjunctions, which brings me to swine flu.

The Swine Flu Virus was first identified in April 2009, just as the Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron conjunction was coming into orb. You can read the blog I wrote about it at the time here.

However, to recap very briefly, I discussed how Neptune rules viruses and how I felt that the whole thing, reported as if it was some kind of apocalyptic event, was being blown out of proportion, a clear case of Jupiter blowing up the Neptune effect (with all respect of course due to all those individuals and their families who have suffered).

The way the news story spread also seemed viral and so did all the conspiracy theories that quickly emerged. Google Swine Flu Conspiracy and you will get over a million and a half results, with various ideas about the virus being deliberately developed for some darker purpose, about the vaccine being purposely formulated to kill more than it cures etc. etc. Wow, we really are in Neptune’s murky realms here, if so many people really do believe that the whole swine flu phenomenon is something other than it seems.

Interestingly, a 'new wave' of swine flu was announced in the news just as Jupiter went Direct and Chiron was about to go Direct. I wonder what will happen with swine flu when Neptune also goes direct. Perhaps it will make a big comeback, but let’s hope not.

With Neptune we are in also the realm of scandals. Of course there are scandals involving our celebrity idols in the news every day, but a political scandal is something else entirely.

The Parliamentary Expenses Scandal in the UK
A change in UK law means that details of expenses claimed by elected Members of Parliament have to be made public, with the exception of some ‘sensitive’ information that could be withheld. However, in May, The Daily Telegraph newspaper got hold of a leaked full copy of the expenses records and published those parts which implicated MPs who they felt had grossly misused the expenses system for their own personal gain. The media had a field day and the public were outraged. Many MPs resigned, were sacked or were deselected and many more were asked to pay back the expenses they had erroneously received. A reform of the expenses system is in hand and the whole affair has led to calls for wider political reform (Aquarius).

As mentioned, scandals are Neptune’s territory, Jupiter here perhaps represents the big bubble of wealth opportunity which burst for MPs when the scandal broke and Chiron perhaps symbolises the wounded system which can only be healed by itself from the inside. In the UK 1801 chart the triple conjunction opposes the UK’s Saturn in Leo, signifying the new fiscal controls and limits on expenses that are being drawn up, adding up to new limitations on greed and a fairer system that MPs will be forced to accept. After all, it is the common British taxpayer that ultimately has to foot the bill for its so-called public servants.

While the review into the scandal was taking place the media fell quiet, but on the day Jupiter went Direct the story hit the headlines again, so again, it will be interesting to see what happens when Neptune goes direct.

There are of course many more stories, ones which embody the higher symbolism of the conjunction. Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize, for example, awarded as Jupiter was on his natal Ascendant, for "his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and co-operation between peoples”, wonderful Aquarian values.

Then there was Bill Clinton’s diplomatic mission to rescue (Neptune) the journalists from North Korea, just as the triple conjunction opposed his natal Sun.

It is also worth mentioning Help for Heroes, a charity which has quickly become one of the most high profile charities in the UK, set up to help heal and rehabilitate wounded service men and women. In October this year, Phil Packer, who was paralysed in Iraq, won an award for raising £1.2million for the charity. This was despite severe spinal injuries and fears that he would never walk again. Well, walk he did, finishing the 26 mile London Marathon in 14 days. He also climbed a 3000ft mountain and rowed the English Channel! I don’t have birth data for him, but surely here is an example of Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron at its very best and also at its most literal.

As Neptune goes Direct this week, we might find that some of these stories and others stories which have reflected the Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron themes will hit the news again in the next couple of months. Whether we will get more clarity and resolution on these issues or simply more Neptunian confusion, remains to be seen.

*A Simple Explanation of Station and Retrograde
We all accept that the planets revolve around the Sun in continuous forward motion. However, astrology views the planets from our place here on planet Earth. From this perspective, it appears as if the planets sometimes slow down and stop, which is known as Station Retrograde. Then, the planet appears to move backwards for a while, known as Retrograde, through some of the zodiac degrees it has already moved through. Then, after a while of doing this, the backwards planet slows down and stops again, Stations Direct, after which it moves forwards again, Direct, and gains momentum.

When a planet is Retrograde, it is said that the energies and urges the planet represents go inwards, slow down, come up for review, that old ground has to be re-covered and that unnecessary action should be delayed until the Retrograde period is over. The best known Retrograde is that of Mercury, but all the other planets, with the exception of the Sun and Moon, also have Retrograde periods.


  1. Hey Mandi - a very nice, well written and informative article - Neptune went direct and the new UK MPs reform plans emerge after the expenses scandal - being an MP will never be the same again!

  2. Hi Tony, thank you for the nice comment, I really appreciate it. Yeah, the MPs thing really needs sorting and like you say, it's bang on the astrology with the review during the Retrograde and the plan emerging on the Direct!
    Was also thinking this morning about how piracy has been big news since Jup-Nep-Chi as well. Might look into it....
    Thanks again, Mandi :D


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