Monday, 9 November 2009

Saturn-Pluto Part 1: Themes & Processes

On 15th November, Saturn meets Pluto in an exact Square, the first of three, taking us right through to summer next year...

...Here, in Part 1 of my Saturn-Pluto blogs, which are designed to inform, educate and help, I discuss some of the themes and processes of Saturn-Pluto. Part 2 will recommend further reading and offer some useful resources and Part 3 will discuss the wider cycles of Saturn-Pluto in terms of world events.

Of course, as the Square has been coming up to its exact point we, as individuals and in the world at large, have already been seeing and feeling Saturn-Pluto type themes for some months now and we are certainly seeing evidence everywhere of fear, which is a number one key word for Saturn-Pluto alignments. Fear is a small word, but one that describes a very big and potentially very destructive emotion.

If we are feeling fear, we have to question it and work out where it’s coming from before we can decide what to do next.

Are we afraid of what ‘might’ happen, a fear of an unknown future? Are our fears based on negative assumptions from what has happened in the past? Does our fear come from the general atmosphere around us, which we are absorbing from other people, from the news etc? Working this out and deciding on a course of action is an individual journey and I can’t give individual guidance in this forum.

Please also consider that in this astrologer's opinion the planets do not make things happen, they simply reflect what happens to the world here on Earth and in our individual lives. As above, so below. It is all too easy with Saturn-Pluto transits to fall into a fatalistic mindset, thus denying the opportunity for development and growth.

With the idea of development and growth in mind, I offer you a list of words and phrases in relation to Saturn-Pluto, for you to contemplate.

The words near the top of the list relate to the difficult processes symbolised by Saturn-Pluto, but as the list goes on the words relate more to results, leaning towards the positive. This is by no means an exhaustive list and by no means will relate to everyone’s experience and is not intended to be in any kind of ‘special’ order…it is merely offered as food for thought and can be read at the metaphorical, emotional, material, psychological, spiritual or any other level you choose.

Force/ Pressure
Fear of the future
Fear of failure
Fear of ‘the dark’
Hiding/Burying your head in the sand
Hard, hard, work
Digging deep
Journey to the ‘Underworld’
Facing your ‘demons’
Finding your way through the mire
Giving up/holding on
Taking responsibility
Asking for help
Therapy/counselling/conventional & alternative healing therapies
Purging of emotions
Banishing your demons
Physical courage
Emotional courage
Invisible forces
Finding ‘buried treasure’
The creation of ‘diamonds’
The light at the end of the tunnel

Will Saturn Square Pluto affect you?
Your natal horoscope (birth chart) will form a relationship with the Saturn-Pluto square if you have the Sun or Moon or any planets or angles in the first five degrees of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn). You will have all next year to work on any issues that come up in your life, issues that may reflect the Saturn-Pluto themes and processes described above.

If you do not know if you have Sun, Moon, planets or angles in the relevant degrees and/or signs you can quickly download your own birth chart which will provide you with this information in a simply understood way at

Dates for Saturn in Libra Square Pluto in Capricorn
The three exact Squares between Saturn and Pluto are 15th November 2009, 31st January 2010 and 21st August 2010. However, please remember that these are long transits which symbolise huge shifts in our individual and collective lives. These processes take time to develop. They are not simply a series of one-day, one-off events. Please also note that Uranus will start to form a T-Square with Saturn and Pluto from around March 2010.

For a list of resources that may help you with your Saturn-Pluto transit, click here>.


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