Friday, 26 March 2010

Astrology in Action: When Mars Crosses the Line!

In this blog, I’m always at great pains to point out that when a transiting planet (particularly one of the slower planets) crosses a natal planet or angle in our chart, this represents a highly personal process of development and enfoldment, not a dramatic ‘one-off event’ timed to the day the transiting aspect becomes exact.

I always stress this important point because I do not want anyone to fear that something will ‘happen’ on a particular day. Most often nothing will happen and even if something does, there’s no way I could predict what! To even try would be to take away the freewill of whoever the event is predicted for. On the contrary, my work in astrology is about empowering poeple, not taking away their choices.

That said, very occasionally an ‘event’ will occur that is perfectly timed to the transit of a planet across an angle or over a natal planet. While these cannot be predicted in advance, these events often reflect the astrological symbolism very literally. In my experience, these events are always worth noting and analyzing for the learning they can bring, because most often they reflect something else, something bigger and more personal.

To illustrate what I mean, here is a personal example that happened to me as Mars in Leo was crossing my IC on March 20th.

I was at home, upstairs, on my laptop. The Saturn Collection of articles I coordinated for the Cardinal T-Square blog-a-thon had gone live that morning and I was on the social networking sites publicizing it.

The blog-a-thon had sure created lots of energy and I was about to find out how much!

As I worked, I suddenly become aware of a very nasty burning smell coming from downstairs. I ran down to find lots of smoke and sparks and a few small flames coming from a light switch. The switch had blown up and instead of activating the fuse, it exploded into an electrical fire. The electrician said we were very lucky - had we been out or asleep it would have developed into a major fire. Thank goodness we were all OK and there was no major damage.

Now for the astrology! Transiting Mars (heat-fire) in Leo (light) was conjunct my IC (home), opposing my MC and my Mars in Aquarius (electricity) and Moon (home).

Isn’t it stunning how literally the event reflected the astrology? Talk about ‘as above-so below’!

Now, I won’t drag this blog post out by analysing in-depth why I think this event happened, only to say that the reaction to the fire set in motion another series of personal crisis events from which I am still  reeling, triggering as they did some of the deep issues I am dealing with as Saturn and Pluto transit my natal Sun in early Capricorn. The fire (the literal fire and the other, personal 'fire' situation that ensued) had been trying to start for a while unseen - under the floor (Pluto) and in the walls (Saturn) - and eventually, by force of motion all the energy exploded outwards (triggered by the Mars transit) and the issue suddenly needed ugent attention. The electrician fixed the light switch and now I need to fix the other, more difficult problem. Wish me luck!

If you find that, as happens occasionally, an event ‘does’ happen that is perfectly timed to a transit, make a careful note of it, see if you can see what triggered it, what its effect was and look to your longer transits to see how the event might reflect something bigger in your life.

I could go on – you wanna hear my story about the dental work I had when Saturn crossed my IC? Probably not – but I would love to hear if you have any examples of literal events that happened when a transiting planet crossed your angles or other planets and what you think they meant.

Shameless Cardinal T-Square Blog-A-Thon Plug: It is perfectly safe to read the blog-a-thon articles - they are totally fire proof, I promise! The Saturn, Uranus and Pluto collections as well as all the other special events form a permanent resource that myself and all the other coordinators hope you will want to return to time and again in the coming months. All the links you need are on the top right side bar of this blog or you can go now to the main blog-a-thon hub page:

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  1. Hi Mandi,

    Good to hear that your house was okay!! We do hear about these Mars-IC crossing and fire from time to time, don't we...It's probably good to be aware of these transits and be extra vigilant during them.

    I've noticed that a time of significant Venus transit (Venus return or Venus crossing the Ascendant) seems to be especially pleasant, in a way that makes you feel more connected with people that you care about, or simply makes you feel more popular, loved, etc.

    I usually feel such feelings and then check the ephemeris to find out where Venus is - so the feeling is there before the knowledge, which makes me trust the significance of the transit.


  2. Hi Hiroki, thanks for your comment and thanks for giving a much more pleasant example than mine of these short term transits! When I was job hunting back in 2008, I was fortunate enough to have some nice Venus transits and also a nice conjunction of Tr. Node to my 10th house natal Venus. It gave me confidence to make a good impression.
    All the best,

  3. First of all, thanks Mandi for all the work you did on the Blogathon. It was a great event!

    I wanted to let you know that when I read that your electrician fixed the "light switch" I immediately thought that the word "switch" has something to do with your internal resolution too.

    A few years ago I learned a technique of dream interpretation from Judith Schafman and after a while I stumbled on the idea that I could apply the same principles to events in my waking life - how events have as much symbolism and meaning as dreams do. It's been fascinating to apply this method to "real life." Your story is a perfect example.

  4. Hi Ellen, thank you so much for the insight, yes a 'switch', I can definitely relate to that, big time! And I think you're right - funnily enough I have another example - I've been sick the last week or so and I saw a Dr. who told me that the symptoms are caused by an imbalance in my ears. Again, I can see how this reflects the need to adjust the balance in my life, esp. with Saturn in Libra currently squaring my Sun. Fascinating!
    I'm very glad you enjoyed the blog-a-thon and thank so much for stopping by to share your wisdom.


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