Friday, 5 March 2010

Mars in Leo - The Big Cat Awakes

Finally, after a long season of semi-slumber, the lazy lion rouses himself for a bit of action.

Yes, Mars, the planet we astrologers associate with energy, action, impulsiveness, assertion, sex, war, competition and physical exertion, turns direct on 10 March after being Retrograde (apparently backward) since 20th December.

Here’s a summary of what I wrote in Mars in Leo – A Retrograde Cat Fight back in December when Mars turned backwards:

In Leo, Mars asserts itself proudly, warmly, from the heart. Its expression can be dramatic, self-seeking and proud. If the will is too stubborn and self-centred, this can lead to problems, especially if Mars in Leo doesn’t feel like he’s getting the rewards he feels he deserves for his unquestionable prowess! Then Mars in Leo can become pushy, overbearing and domineering. At best though, the natural confidence of Mars in Leo is shared generously and expressed with tremendous creative flair and positive vitality.

During this Mars in Leo Rx period, some of you may be feeling as if you are not getting the recognition you deserve, or you may feel that your authority is not being respected. If you are feeling this, then perhaps it’s time to confront your inner ‘brat’ and question whether you really deserve what you desire. Have you truly put the work in or do you just think the world owes you because you’re ‘special’?

That said, some of you will of course be deserving of recognition and respect for all the effort you have put in and will be totally justified in asking for what you want and need. The energies of this Mars Leo Rx period will therefore be great for taking some time to work out just how to ask the world to reward you.

Still others will find that they may have been using their energies in the wrong direction and this is why they are not getting their due plaudits. This Rx time will then be about recognising and accepting this and looking to your heart to find the new path.

Mars Rx often brings a great deal of frustration, either your own personal frustration, or others’ frustration pushed upon you. We feel frustrated when we are not getting our own way, not achieving our goals and desires, not getting what we need. Frustration can easily give way to out and out anger, so watch for the signs and take a step back if you feel yourself starting to simmer and boil over. This Mars Rx is indeed a great time to review how you personally deal with frustration and its sister, disappointment. If we are all honest with ourselves, we could all do with learning more emotionally intelligent ways of negotiating the path of getting our will done, while avoiding unnecessary conflict. To facilitate this, setting clear boundaries is not just useful, but essential.

Most generally speaking, Mars Rx suggests a general feeling of slowing down and lacking energy. Things can feel held back, blocked, backed up. It's a good time to think creatively about what you want and then and prepare an action plan for when Mars goes forwards again.

So how was the Mars retrograde time for you? What's been stuck? What did you learn? What's your action plan? What are you planning to move forward with now? Write and let me know!

For me, I am hoping that Mars direct will mean a step forward in the job hunt for my Sun conjunct Mars in Leo husband. Transiting Mars stationed Retrograde right on his natal Mars and he lost his job. Fingers, toes and everything else crossed that he finds a new direction now that Mars is moving forwards again. In my own chart, Mars stations direct exactly on my Leo IC and I have a frustrated Leo sitting at home (sometimes astrology can be so literal)! Mars leaves my 4th house in May and also in May it comes back to my husband's natal Mars and I'm going to stick my neck out and predict that he'll be back in work by then.


For a very good new article on Mars in Leo's turnaround, see Mars in Leo: Narcissism & Entitlement Or Creativity & Leadership by Amanda Owen at Auntie Moon


  1. Good luck with a job for your unemployed Lion!
    For myself, with one hundred planets in Leo (not too much exaggeration!) I will be moving in the next month and am anticipating a great new living situation and a booming astrology business!
    Yea Spring with Mars still in Leo and finally moving in direct motion!

  2. Hi Mandi,

    My inner child was throwing a hissy fit yesterday and I was wondering what it was all about - reading this made me remember that Mars in Leo is about to station while squaring my Scorpio Sun. There is a good bit of wisdom in what you wrote here...

    Hiroki Niizato

  3. I'm still feeling Mars, because it's hanging out right on top of my Natal Mars in the 12th house, waiting to turn direct. To summarize: I've had a lot of energy, I've occasionally had a short temper or a depressed mood, and I've locked horns with teachers at both children's schools (resulting in upcoming meetings I deliberately scheduled for after March 10).

    But, I also learned during this period (which was huge for me; during its Rx period Mars transited Mercury, Venus and my ascendant on its way back) that taking care of my physical and emotional needs is important, that it's OK to speak up for those needs, and that I need to make things happen instead of waiting for them to happen (my grand trine in water can give me lazy tendencies if I'm not vigilant). I've had a lot of epiphanies about accepting myself instead of wishing to be more interesting or glamorous (oh hi, Venus in Leo).

    I (and possibly Pluto) get credit for this, too, but even though I've had dicey moments I'm grateful for the transit. It's been a great teacher.

  4. Thanks for the comments and sharing your experiences.
    Good luck with the move Laurie, so nice to make a fresh start in spring time and I'm sure your astrololgy business will grow and grow.
    Thanks Hiroki, I can relate to that. My hubby gets hissy fits from me all the time - I'm not proud of that!
    Thanks Linnea, for letting us know what positive learnings have come out of Mars Rx for you. Good luck for the meetings with teachers, not that it sounds like you'll need luck and great to see that 12th house Mars energy asserting itself in a healthly way, discovering your hidden strength

  5. Hi Mandi,

    How do you know when is Mars leaving your X house or it will be in your Y house on a future date as you mentioned in your article above. Is there a website that can tell me the future transits of Uranus, Jupiter and other planets in my 12 houses?

  6. Hi Puneet,
    You can get a free chart with transits at - Just enter your birth details in the 'my astro' section & then on the 'extended charts selection' page select natal chart + transits and it will show your chart with your current transits. That site also has an ephemeris, which shows what degree each planet is at at any given time so you can see when each planet will move into a new house in your chart etc. I hope that helps. Mandi


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