Thursday, 28 October 2010

Halloween Special ~ Past Life Astrology (Pt. 2)

In part 1, I looked at what our Sun sign can tell us about lessons learned in past lives and lessons to be learned in our current life. In the second part of this series on past life astrology, I will be taking a look at another significant past life / karmic indicator....

The Nodes of the Moon

Some astrologers believe that the Nodes of the Moon are special karmic and spiritual significators. Studying the signs, houses and aspects of our Nodes can help us understand our past life karma ~ how we can release it (South Node) and the nature of our spiritual / soul mission for this life (North Node).

The South Node represents:
  • Where we’ve come from, our past lives
  • The past life karma we bring with us into this life for release, including unfinished business from past lives
  • Where we have lifetimes of experience
  • Our talents, strength and weaknesses from past lives
  • Where we feel comfortable and what we fall back on, even if it’s not in the best interest of our current life path
  • Where we need to move away from in order to release our karma and fulfill the promise of our North Node…
The North Node represents:
  • The key to our soul’s direction and purpose for this lifetime 
  • Where we need to grow spiritually 
  • What we need to learn and pay attention to, in order to grow as spiritual beings
  • Unfamiliar territory which we need to explore
  • Parts of ourselves we neglected in past lives 
  • Talents and strengths waiting to be discovered
It is easy for us to avoid the urgings of our North Node, because they feel uncomfortable and unfamiliar. However, when we take the plunge and start ‘doing’ our North Node (according to the sign and house it’s in and its aspects), we find that we are able to release the karma and unfinished business represented by our South Node. Then we can embrace our soul’s journey and life purpose and strive toward the ultimate goal the Nodes represent – integration, growth and karmic balance.

(Please note: there are other interpretations of the Nodes, but this article focuses primarily on the past life/karmic significances of the Nodes)

Find your North and South Node signs and discover what they mean at:

Books about the Nodes: 
Astrology for the Soul by Jan Spiller

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