Thursday, 21 October 2010

Aries Full Moon ~ Love in Action

In September there was a Full Moon in the urgent first degree of Aries. This fiery lunation signalled a time when our deepest sensitivities were laid bare and our crudest instincts exposed. The Sun in Libra, opposing the Moon in Aries, called for balance and for consideration for the sensitivities of others. The way we have handled our relationships was called into question. A couple of weeks later Venus in Scorpio turned retrograde, taking these relationship questions deeper and linking them to the past.

On October 22/23, we have a second full Moon in Aries, this one in the equally urgent last degree of the sign. This time the urgency comes from a need for closure and resolution around the issues exposed during the September Full Moon. Aries is the sign of action, so something absolutely needs to be done now to move things forward and regain some stability and security.

Any Full Moon highlights the duality of the two signs occupied by the Sun and the Moon. It is through this duality that we can seek clues to guide us towards the balance we need. We may live on material planet Earth, but we are also spiritual souls, so in this post I will look at the soul lessons of Aries and Libra, which show us where we can find the middle path during this Full Moon time and beyond.

In esoteric astrology, the soul lesson of Aries is love in action.

As the Aries soul evolves it must learn to think before it acts and to consider the effects its actions have on others. As sensitivity to the feelings and needs of others is nurtured in the Aries heart, kindness and warmth of spirit develops, which in turn helps to calm and balance Aries’ selfish impulsivity.

The potential for a truly heroic soul journey is held within the Aries archetype. The key to this heroism can be found through trial and error, through learning from mistakes and through starting to care for others. As the evolving Aries soul becomes aware that it cannot live just to nourish itself, it seeks more and more to nourish others. Along the way, Aries learns that love and sacrifice go hand in hand. The sacrifice that must be made is the surrender of the selfish urge to win over others at any cost. Through this process, the Aries soul develops self discipline and a deep responsibility for all life. These qualities can then be combined with Aries’ innate powers of leadership and used to support, console and guide others. This is love in action.

The soul lesson of Libra is brotherhood through relationship with others.

The Libra soul has a deep need for companionship and affection and will suffer greatly when this is denied. The scales of Libra symbolise the constant adjustments and compromises the Libra soul feels compelled to make in order to fulfil its needs.

The un-evolved Libra soul will swing between extremes before it finds its place of equilibrium and balance. On the one hand, Libra will selfishly pursue approval and appreciation through relationship at all costs and on the other side, the Libra soul will carelessly give itself away in order to please and placate others in the hope of being loved.

On its journey, Libra often unconsciously seeks out conflict just so it can cast itself as lauded peacemaker. But, as the evolving Libra soul learns to be true to its own self and hold its inner light steady and balanced, the need to create conflict or place itself in the midst of others’ conflict, gradually falls away. In learning to raise itself above conflict Libra realises that all of life is connected and interrelated. From this vantage point Libra is able to hold itself in perfect equilibrium and balance and in so doing it creates a space of harmony and peace that can truly help and serve others. Then, the Libra soul quickly realises that it doesn’t have to experience conflict in order to experience relationship. The give and take of companionship and affection will come naturally and effortlessly from a place of love and light and Libra will have learned the lesson of brotherhood and the true meaning of peace.

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Data for the Full Moon
Sun at 29 degrees 32 minutes Libra
Moon at 29 degrees 32 minutes Aries
18.36 PST (North America) on 22 October
21.36 EST (North America) on 22 October
01.36 GMT on 23 October
08.36 HKT (Hong Kong) on 23 October
12.35 EST (Australia) on 23 October

With love

Reference: Astrology, The Sacred Science by Joan Hodgson. The White Eagle Publishing Trust

Images: The Aries image shown here is available as a print from


  1. A beautiful description of how opposite signs are contained within each other and bring each other balance and wholeness. Thank you!


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