Tuesday, 5 October 2010

It's Now Easier To Leave Comments On This Blog

I've made it much easier for you to leave comments at the Astroair Astrology Blog!

You no longer need to be logged into Blogger / Google / Wordpress etc to leave a comment.

You can opt for Anonymous (but please leave your name in the comment) or you can opt for Name/Url (your name will appear as a link to your own blog/website/social networking site of your choice).

Please feel free to let me know what you think, or ask questions. Please note that I can't answer detailed specific questions about your chart. General questions (that might relate to your chart and would be of interest to other readers) are of course very welcome as always.

I look forward to increased/enhanced interaction with the lovely readers of this site.

No spam please, filters in place.

Many thanks

N.B. I am available for private consultations if you want to go deeper into your own chart. See http://www.mandilockley.com/ or email me on mandi@mandilockleycom to enquire.

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