Sunday, 13 September 2009

The Saturn-Uranus Oppositions and You

In Saturn-Uranus-Pluto I discussed the current Saturn-Uranus oppositions and illustrated how this opposition, along with Pluto in Capricorn, has been reflected in recent major world events.

You are probably now wondering how it will affect you and this blog attempts to answer that, exploring the Saturn-Uranus oppositions from a personal point of view.

You will be affected if you have personal planets or points between 16 and 29 degrees of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) and/or between 0 and 4 degrees of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn). If you do not know if you have planets or points at these degrees of these signs you can quickly download your own birth chart which will provide you with this information in a simply understood way at If you need further clarification, please feel free to email me on

Put even more simply, if you are one of the above Sun signs and born between 7-25 March, 7-25 June, 9-27 September or 8th-26 December these oppositions will affect your Sun. These oppositions have been running since fall 2008 and will continue until summer 2010, so those of you born early in the month will have already have been feeling the effects and those born later may not feel it until later this year and into 2010.

The dates when the Saturn-Uranus oppositions are exact and the zodiac degrees in which they fall are listed in Saturn-Uranus-Pluto, the latest being 15th September, but before I go on to delineate what a transit of Saturn-Uranus suggests let’s get a bit of perspective. The following is astrology 101, so readers forgive me if it sounds as if I am teaching you to suck eggs, but for beginners I think it needs saying that these transits are slow and their effects can last for many months, maybe even a year or more. Saturn takes 28 years to go all around your chart. Uranus takes over 80 years! Therefore, having Saturn transit your Sun (or other planet or point) with Uranus opposing Saturn at the same time is a once in a lifetime event! Astrological transits of this kind are processes of unfoldment, representing important stages in our personal development, not one-off ‘events’.

So, what does this transit mean? Simply and briefly, when Saturn the hard taskmaster and Uranus the awakener meet and touch something in your personal chart, they throw down a challenge which is inevitably reflected in your life as change. The old must move aside and make way for the new.

This process may be a conscious one, as you rebel against ‘the way its always been done’, make a push for freedom and push forward with your ambitions/dreams/plans. In so doing, you may experience resistance from the outside world. As you challenge the status quo, it can feel as if your world is struggling against you, but you must push on regardless. One word of caution though, as with all Uranus transits, in your zeal to make changes try not to ‘throw baby out with the bathwater’, pace yourself sensibly. Consider the feelings and needs of others and do your best to make the necessary changes with as little collateral damage as possible.

Difficult inner struggle can occur when we cling onto the old and resist the changes that need to be made under this transit. In these circumstances, change may be thrust upon us, suddenly and unexpectedly. This will be difficult, maybe even shocking or depressing, but believe me, you do have the energy to pull through this and build new structures in your life that are better than what has gone before. If your world feels as if it is shrinking, it is only to create space for the new. Please see Saturn-Uranus-Pluto for my own personal story of job loss under this transit and believe me when I say I am in a much better place now than I was a year ago!

I would be very interested to hear how this transit is going for you. Astrology is experiential and we learn by sharing and helping one another.

If you want to go deeper and would like a personal consultation, please email me at for details.


  1. I was born on March 20 and today I'm feeling totally out of sorts but now at least I can see why

  2. An insightfull post. Will definitely help.

    Karim - Positive thinking

  3. Thanks Karim for your comment (which I've just spotted) I hope it does help & of course thanks again mvn jewellery for your comment, I hope you're starting to feel a bit better now.
    Mandi x

  4. dear Mandi,
    reading your articles about Saturn - uranus opposition square pluto i found them extremely interesting . Actually, that is the truth about my life changes. I lost my job February 2009, and since then the world seems to be like a wall. Nothing has changed for the better since then, my financial condition becomes weaker, no income , my personal life comes to an end...
    you see, Saturn conj my four planets ( Mars, URANUS , PLUTO, JUPITER in tenth house opposes my fourth house, where there Jupiter and Uranus transits) My life turned to be with a lot of fear and doubts ... (born in 11 november 1968, 8 am thessaloniki)
    what are my prospects? according to the articles writen about the whole economic crisis i am desperate...

  5. Hi Chtacr,
    Thank you for your comment and apologies for not responding sooner.
    Sorry to hear that your job and financial situation is so difficult at the moment.
    I don't discuss individual charts here, but feel free to email on if you want to know more about personal consultations.
    All the very best and I hope things improve for you soon.


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