Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Virgo New Moon: Are You Being Served?

On 18th September, the Sun and Moon join Saturn at 25 degrees of Virgo for the Virgo New Moon.

Coming in the midst of the third exact hit of the long-running Saturn-Uranus oppositions, this is a powerful lunation indeed, especially as it falls right on the opposition.

This New Moon is a time to consider what and whom we serve. Is it, or they, worthy of our time and our energy? Is what we do for others healthy for everyone or is it a one-sided arrangement? Are we respecting the boundaries of those who serve us?

With this New Moon right on Saturn and opposing Uranus, we are compelled to ask these questions. If we find that we serve, or are served, merely out of an outdated sense of duty, then we need to make changes, re-write the rules or even throw away the rulebook altogether! Yes, this will upset the status quo and inevitably cause tension, but this is what the universe is calling us to do, both in our inner lives and in the world at large.

The T-square the New Moon, Mercury, Saturn and Uranus make to Pluto at the Aries Point reminds us that a new order and a fresh perspective is definitely coming, one way or another.

However, a Retrograde Mercury at 29 Virgo, moving back towards the Sun-Moon-Saturn position, reminds us that New Moons symbolise planning stages, so perhaps the time to act is not quite yet. Like all New Moons, this one is a seeding time, not an action time. We are in the dark and must plan and plant in the dark, with faith that what we seed will eventually grow strong and healthy and emerge into the light.

Mars in Cancer, a very passive placement for Mars, makes a series of Quintile aspects to the New Moon, Mercury and Saturn, helping us to plan the necessary changes with creativity and focus, whilst remaining both sympathetic to the feelings of others and protective of our own position.

The New Moon chart also features Venus in Leo opposing the Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron opposition in Aquarius. Staying with the New Moon Virgo theme of service, here are some questions we could ask ourselves at this time. Are we being overgenerous with the time we give to others or are we being greedy in what we ask from others, expecting to be treated like kings or queens? In our relationships, are partners delivering on their promises, or leaving us disappointed? Have we been a pushover for those we serve, hurting ourselves in the process? If so, perhaps it’s time to revalue our stock and the stock of others and restore a bit of good, honest, Aquarian fairness and equality into our relationships.

This New Moon will particularly affect Virgos born between 15-19 September; Pisceans born between 12-16 March; Geminis born between 13-17 June and Sagittarians born between 14-18 December, plus anyone with planets or points between 22-26 degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces. (If you do not know if you have planets or points at these degrees of these signs you can quickly download your own birth chart which will provide you with this information in a simply understood way at http://www.alabe.com/. If you need further clarification, please feel free to email me on mandi@mandilockley.com.)

For more on the Saturn-Uranus oppositions and of Pluto at the Aries Point, see my series of blogs on the subject: Saturn-Uranus & You, Saturn-Uranus, the Financial Crisis & Me, Pluto at the Aries Point.

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