Monday, 28 September 2009

Mercury Retrograde - How Was It For You?

Mercury, who has been Retrograde since 7th September, finally stations Direct (stands still) today and then begins to move forward from 30th September.

How’s it been for you?

I said in my Mercury Retrograde blog of 21 August that the first ten days of this Retrograde period, when it was in Libra, was a good time to review and re-value your relationships or to address how you share, yield and give yourself to others and that the second part, in Virgo from 17th September, was all about checking the details, doing a bit of personal housekeeping, simplifying your routines, perhaps reviewing your diet or health regime or breaking a bad habit, with the support of the Virgo New Moon on the 18th September.

Perhaps other themes came up for you during this time? Perhaps nothing of significance occurred? Perhaps it was a stressful time, especially as Mercury Retrograde closely connected to the Saturn-Uranus oppositions with its ‘out with the old, in with the new energies’?

For me, the Saturn, Uranus and Mercury together squared my natal Jupiter at 25 Gemini in my first house. The New Moon at 25 Virgo also joined the party. My mental energies were running so high during this time that it was like being plugged into the electricity and at times I admit to feeling a little bit crazy! When it reached this level it was quite stressful and I had to make a conscious effort to slow down and ground myself a little (thank you Saturn!). On the upside, I was bombarded with ideas which I just had to put down on paper, the words just flowed, it was fun and it was exciting. This transit isn’t quite over yet, while transiting Saturn is done with my Jupiter for now (moving on to square my Sun!) Uranus will exactly square my Jupiter for a 3rd time in February. In an attempt to use the Virgo energies, I also started a diet to lose a few pounds and it’s going quite well, so far.

Also during this period, I went to an astrology conference which started when Sun, Moon, Mercury and Saturn were all in Virgo and opposing Uranus. What an interesting time to get 150 astrologers together in one place! Although with Mercury Retrograde actually getting everyone in one place to start with proved a bit difficult! In a rush to pack on the last day, I left my hair straighteners in my room and only just got them back today - the day Mercury stations direct :D

I hope the last few weeks have been OK for you. No doubt they have been stressful for many, but I hope at least productive and that the changes you have made or have been made for you are positive in the long run.

Please note that until 15th October, Mercury will still be in the shadow of his Retrograde, meaning that he will be moving forward through the degrees of Virgo and Libra that he has just passed backward through. On this journey, he will once again conjoin Saturn and oppose Uranus, so don’t be surprised if the issues of September pop up again in early October. However, please note that Mercury in Virgo, moving forward, is essentially a very strong placement, so this might be when you start to experience some of the positive results of some of the issues you’ve been grappling with. Then, when Mercury moves back in Libra on 10th October, you might just come to understand that you have some wonderful people in your life with whom to share the good news.

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