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Uranus in Aries and your personal Mars sign

Part 1: Mars in Aries through Mars in Virgo

Uranus in Aries is an exciting transit of fast forward movement, sudden change, spontaneous happenings and exciting breakthroughs. Because Mars rules Aries, your natal Mars will be stimulated by Uranus in Aries, so here’s a look at Mars through the signs and how Uranus in Aries might affect it.

Mars in Aries

If you have Mars in Aries you have a tendency to be competitive, direct and impatient. You like to take the initiative and lead from the front. Decisions are made impulsively and followed up on quickly, often without considering the consequences. You tend to act on hunches, on intuition and while your actions might seem risky and ill considered to more cautious types, they often pan out quite well! If they don’t, then you tend to have the resilience to bounce back quickly and carry on regardless.

Mars in Aries blends well with the energy of Uranus in Aries. Change is in the air and you are ready to dive in head first embrace it with open arms. Uranus awakens your inner warrior and you’ll be un-phased by any obstacle that stands in your way. You’ll probably be more impatient and excitable than usual, so try not to waste a good opportunity by behaving too recklessly. With lots of excess restless energy to burn, taking regular physical exercise is very important during this transit.

At some point over the next seven years, transiting Uranus will conjunct your natal Mars. While the conjunction is active, the Mars in Aries-Uranus in Aries dynamic described above will become more pronounced. Life is about to get exciting, so go for it!

Mars in Taurus

If you have Mars in Taurus you use your energy very steadily and like to take your time over things. This however, makes for incredible stamina. You really can carry on long after the others have packed up and gone home! You like to put your energy into things – jobs, relationships etc - which will bring you material and emotional security. Tasks performed seem pointless if they don’t produce tangible, measurable results. A lover of simple, down-to-earth pleasures, you like your sex and your meals long lasting and slow.

Mars in Taurus has difficulty seeing eye to eye with Uranus in Aries. You see, Uranus in Aries wants fast forward radical change, but with Mars in Taurus you tend to put your energy into stubbornly resisting change and trying to keep things just the way they are. This could cause you some stress. Imagining yourself as a tall strong tree might help. While you can’t control the fact that your upper branches are swaying in the winds of change, your roots are strong, deep and solidly fixed in the earth, so the tree (you) can remain stable, strong and grounded, whatever comes its way. Certainly, at this time of change and uncertainty, the world needs people like you to hold the fort and help keep things sane and grounded. Finally, Mars in Taurus people like to bring a bit of beauty into the world and often have a marked artistic/creative streak. Under Uranus in Aries, you could well find that streak stimulated in new exciting, ways!

Uranus won’t make a significant transit to your Mars while it’s in Aries.

Mars in Gemini

If you have Mars in Gemini you use your energy to follow many and diverse paths. You are flexible, curious and need to feel constantly stimulated and you do this through communicating, making connections with others and exploring new ideas. You may be easily distracted and change your mind often, directing your energy towards your latest new goal, idea or project, leaving other things unfinished. While you are very skilled at juggling lots of different things at once, you need to learn to follow things through to completion and not leave too many balls hanging in the air! Fortunately, you are mentally and physically dexterous enough to cope with many things at once and that feeling when everything magically seems to come together is a feeling to savour.

Mars in Gemini blends well with the energy of Uranus in Aries. Your open mindedness and enthusiasm for change will serve you well over the next few years. You will have heaps of positive energy to pour into new projects and into making exciting connections with others. This is a good time for developing new skills and exploring new ideas, as recent constraints on your ability to move forward begin to fall away. You will be restless for change, so be careful you don’t simply initiate change for change’s sake and try not to spread yourself too thin.

At some point over the next seven years, transiting Uranus will sextile your natal Mars. While the sextile is active, the Mars in Gemini-Uranus in Aries dynamic described above will become more pronounced and new opportunities will come your way, so long as you are ready, willing and able to make the most of them.

Mars in Cancer

If you have Mars in Cancer you tend to act indirectly and sympathetically, sensitive to the feelings and reactions of others. That said, when backed into a corner or when your own or a loved one’s security is at stake, you can be indomitable. There is a lot going on under the surface with Mars in Cancer as you process things internally at a deep level before you act. Because of this, your actions are often guided by instinct and intuition. You need to feel physically and emotionally safe and because of this you pour a lot of you energy into protecting yourself, particularly in situations where you feel vulnerable. You don’t open up easily to others, but the people you love and trust the most are very fortunate, because you would do anything for them.

Mars in Cancer blends dynamically with the energy of Uranus in Aries, bringing challenges into your life. When challenges come along which threaten your sense of security and your place in the world, you are on the defensive and ready to put up a fight to protect what is yours. However, some Mars in Cancer people could face very challenging changes during this transit – be it in your career, your home life or in your relationships – and while this may be deeply upsetting, at least a part of you will understand the necessity of what is occurring. Becoming aware that change needs to happen in your life and consciously letting go of old, worn out dreams, goals and emotional attachments is the key to unlocking the powerful personal growth and development opportunities available to you at this time. If life feels like a series of endings, remembering that endings come before new beginnings will help you to embrace the new and exciting developments that are possible in almost any sphere of your life these next few years.

At some point over the next seven years, transiting Uranus will square your natal Mars. While the square is active, the Mars in Cancer-Uranus in Aries dynamic described above will become more pronounced. This will certainly be a challenging and unpredictable transit, but it will also be incredibly energising and if handled well, could bring out the very best in you.

Mars in Leo

If you have Mars in Leo you assert yourself proudly, warmly and from the heart. Your actions may be dramatic and self-seeking, because you seek attention and recognition. Pride can sometimes get the better of you and if your will is too stubborn and self-centred, this can lead to problems, especially if you don’t get the compliments you feel you deserve for your unquestionable prowess! When this happens you can become pushy, overbearing and domineering. At best though, your natural confidence and sunny disposition is shared generously with others and your cup runneth over with creative flair and positive vitality.

Mars in Leo blends well with the energy of Uranus in Aries and this should be a time when your creative energies flow easily. Your physical energy will also be enhanced by Uranus in Aries, perhaps bringing exciting and unexpected encounters! Certainly you can gain positive rewards from any endeavour you pour your energy into at this time. However, the danger is that you will simply rest on your laurels during this time. Fine, be lazy if you must – just ‘be’ if you like, but wouldn’t it be a shame to let this time pass you by without actively making the most of your abundant natural energy, talent and ability?

At some point over the next seven years, transiting Uranus will trine your natal Mars. While the trine is active, the Mars in Leo-Uranus in Aries dynamic described above will become more pronounced.

Mars in Virgo

If you have Mars in Virgo you assert yourself modestly and discriminatingly. Your mission is to serve others, work hard and be helpful. You put your energy into practical tasks, but not before carefully mulling over exactly how you are going to put those tasks into action. Steer clear of being over-critical of yourself and others and avoid unnecessary stress by remembering that the world and the people in it are far from perfect!

Mars in Virgo sits awkwardly with the energy of Uranus in Aries and you may find yourself having to adjust to new circumstances you are not totally comfortable with. This can be irritating and frustrating. In particular you may find the balance in your relationships shifts, as significant others go through major life changes and you have to adjust accordingly, even if you feel as if they are acting selfishly. Or it may be that your life is undergoing big changes and you feel as if you are stuck on a see-saw going back and forth between the old and the new. Your task will be to find and maintain the balance, making small adjustments as you go along, until eventually you can find a way to more comfortably integrate the new changes into your life. Tapping into your innate flexibility, practical intelligence and hard working nature will help you enormously during this time.

At some point over the next seven years, transiting Uranus will quincunx your natal Mars. While the quincunx is active, the Mars in Virgo-Uranus in Aries dynamic described above will become more pronounced.

How do I find out what sign my natal Mars is in?
You can quickly and simply draw up your birth chart at  Make a note of the sign that Mars is in and also the degree it’s in.

You say that Uranus in Aries will make an aspect to my natal Mars – when will that be and how long will it last?
The earlier your Mars is placed in its sign, the sooner you will have the aspect. For example, if your Mars is at 0 degrees of Capricorn, Uranus in Aries will be forming a square aspect to it right now. Or, if your Mars is at 25 degrees of Libra, Uranus will form an opposition aspect to it in 2017.
Uranus transits can last for anything from a few months, up to a year or so. To find out exactly when Uranus will transit your Mars and for how long, you will need to consult an ephemeris or have your transits calculated on professional astrological software.
Please also note that Uranus will be back in Pisces from August this year until March next, so if your Mars is in the last three degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces, Uranus in Pisces will make a dynamic transiting aspect to your Mars during that time. Uranus in Pisces is a very different dynamic to Uranus in Aries, but unfortunately there’s not scope to discuss it here.

I read the description of my Mars in its sign and it didn’t feel like the whole picture, why is that?
Most likely your Mars is aspected by other planets in your natal chart. This will colour how your Mars energy expresses itself. For example, with the Sun in aspect to Mars, the Mars energy will be dynamically illuminated and intensified. With the Moon in aspect to Mars, your energy is expressed emotionally, reactively, instinctively. In aspect to Mercury, your Mars energy will be stimulated and expressed through a diverse range of ideas, opinions and activities. When Venus connects to Mars, energy is expressed more diplomatically and creatively and your actions are more relationship focused. Jupiter in aspect to Mars will exaggerate and expand the Mars energy, making you more adventurous and goal driven. Saturn in aspect to Mars may dampen your enthusiasm but will give you patience, discipline and focus. Uranus in aspect to Mars focuses your energy on the need for excitement, originality and independence. Transiting Uranus in Aries will bring out these qualities in you, whatever your Mars sign. Neptune in aspect to Mars will focus your energy on idealistic, creative or spiritual pursuits. Pluto in aspect to Mars will make your energy more concentrated, powerful and intense.

What if I’m having more than one transit at the same time?
It is very common to have more than one significant transit at a time.
For example, if your Mars is in the early degrees of the cardinal signs – Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn – your Mars will pick up the Saturn, Uranus, Pluto cardinal t-square which will be most powerful this summer and this could be a time of great importance for you. To find out more about the cardinal t-square see the Cardinal T Square Blog-A-Thon at:
Another example: if your Mars is at 0-1 degrees of the cardinal signs or 27-29 degrees of the mutable signs – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces – your Uranus transit will occur sometime over the next six months and will also include Jupiter, which is making a series of conjunctions with Uranus. An article about what the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction might mean for you is coming soon.

If you have any other questions, please ask them in the comments box below. However, please note that I can't answer detailed questions about individual charts here, but am available for personal consultations, so please ask for details if you are intersested.

A final note about Uranus transits
Uranus transits, while exciting and sometimes stressful, can be very unpredictable. This makes Uranus transits difficult to predict. They often manifest in exciting and often surprising life events and changes. Sometimes these are initiated by the person having the transit and other times they seem to come at you from the outside. Sometimes, they can represent inner journeys that see you change from the inside out, but aren’t obviously apparent in the external circumstances of your life. Expecting the unexpected is a good way to approach your Uranus transit.

Enjoy the ride!

With love,

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