Saturday, 12 March 2011

Energy Rush ~ Uranus in Aries at the Aries Point

Celebrations in Tahrir Square, Egypt

Welcome back to Uranus in Aries!

The Aries Point (AP) is zero degrees of the cardinal signs - Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. When a transiting planet enters one of the cardinal signs and hits the AP there often a great rush of energy which projects outwards into the world, seeking manifestation. This is why the AP is known as the point where that which is private/personal becomes public/political. Simply put, the AP is the point of maximum exposure.

We have had a whole bunch of planets at the AP over the last couple of years… Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn in Libra, Jupiter in Aries and Uranus in Aries. These planets, forming a moving cardinal t-square, symbolize huge changes and shifts in consciousness which are clearly reflected in world events. The combined symbolism of all these planets around the AP reflects the fact that leaders and politicians, plutocrats, corporations, bankers and the super wealthy have been particularly vulnerable to exposure.

Just look at how many exposés there have been over the last 2-3 years – the reality of the sub-prime mortgage fiasco; the politician expenses scandal in the UK; the whole Wikileaks thing; the uncovering of Bernard Madoff’s massive fraud; undercover police named and exposed in the UK after they ‘went native’; public scrutiny of bankers’ salaries and bonuses following the government bail-outs; details made public of the huge wealth, assets and political influence of the Gaddafi family and other middle eastern ruling families and just this week the arrest for alleged fraud of billionaire property tycoons the Tchenguiz brothers. The list goes on and on….

The latest planet to hit the AP is Uranus. It hits zero degrees of Aries on March 11 2011, but has been at the AP all the time it was at 29 degrees Pisces (since February) if you use the standard one degree orb. Of course, Uranus has been down this road before, hitting the AP back in May 2010, forming an AP conjunction with Jupiter in Aries in June 2010. Look back to that time to see what Uranus at the AP might mean for you personally.

With Uranus at the AP, the stage is set for shocks, sudden change and revolutionary energy. Just look at what happened in Tunisia and Egypt in February when Uranus hit the AP! Look at what’s happening in Libya now and other countries. Developments with Uranus at the AP, particularly in Aries, tend to seem very rapid and urgent. Great courage and the rebellious warrior spirit is awakened in the collective and the old ‘comfort zones’ fall away. The urge to fight ‘for the people’ is stimulated.

Of course, while it may be satisfying to see tyrants tumble, we must remember that the planets are amoral. They don’t root for the good guy OR the bad guy, they really don’t care either way.

Devastation in Japan
This is evident in yesterday’s earthquake in Japan, one of the largest recorded. While much of Japan is built to withhold big earthquakes, unfortunately there was no defense against the tsunami which followed. Uranus is often a significator for earthquakes and it occurred with Uranus at the AP (great rush of energy outwards) in the very last degree of watery Pisces. A planet (particularly an outer planet) in the last degree of its sign (known as the Anaretic Degree) has a sense of urgency and extremism about it and it was as if this was Uranus in Pisces’ final goodbye, riding out on a literal wave of indiscriminate, life changing destruction. The scale of the devastation is still unfolding, but I was relieved to discover this morning that friends of mine in Japan are safe, although scared and shaken.

Our hearts and minds go out to everyone in Japan at this time.

With love,

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  1. The AP is fascinating isn't it Mandi. I have noticed how when a planet leaves a sign it seems to have one last final action. It is desperately sad to see the devastation in Japan and very much a Uranian act not to mention Neptune hovering near the edge of entering Pisces.

  2. Thanks Lua and thank you for mentioning Neptune at the last degree of Aquarius about to enter Pisces. You're right, that's a very important in recent world events too.

  3. I like your sketch of Uranus in Aries! Thanks Mandi! :-)


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