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Astrology For March

As March dawns, the Sun is in the sensitive sign of Pisces, Jupiter is settled into Aries and Saturn is still Retrograde.

This month sees Uranus join Jupiter in the impulsive first sign of the zodiac. We also have a sensitive New Moon in Pisces, a discriminating Full Moon in Virgo and the last of the ongoing Jupiter-Saturn oppositions.

Here’s the full low-down on March's main action

March 2 (March 1 for American time zones):
Venus into Aquarius ~ Friends and Lovers
Venus prefers its romance unconventional when it’s in Aquarius. This is a good Venus transit for experimenting with new ways of expressing your affection.  It’s also good for socialising, making friends and connecting intellectually with others. If others become a bit aloof and distant during this transit, just give them a bit of space and freedom and they will be back to their sociable selves in no time.  Venus will be in Aquarius until 27th March.

March 3:
Nodes into Sagittarius-Gemini ~ A New Perspective
The Mean Nodes moved signs on February 13, but if you use the True Nodes they change on March 4 (March 3 for American time zones).  Whether you use the True Node or Mean Node is your choice. I won’t go into the technicalities of how the Nodes are calculated, but see the article at Molly’s Astrology if you want to learn more 

Click on this link to read Astroair’s commentary and suggestions for the Sagittarius-Gemini Nodes

March 4:
New Moon in Pisces ~ New Ideals
The dark of the Moon is a good time to pause, rest and plan for the month ahead. This New Moon is sandwiched between Chiron and Mars on one side and Mercury and Uranus on the other, all of them in impressionable, idealistic Pisces. This is a lunation for feeling at one with the world, but it could be an emotionally overwhelming one.

March 9:
Mercury enters Aries ~ Telling it Like it is
Mercury was the messenger of the Gods, so it’s no surprise to see him entering Aries just a couple of days before Uranus moves into Aries, like a herald for a new age.  He sticks around in Aries for a while, due to a retrograde at the end of the month, so won’t leave the warrior sign until mid-May.

Mercury in Aries urges us to communicate directly, confidently and assertively. This is a placement which fires up the brainpower and fills us with restless energy and a good transit for seeking out new ideas and fresh experiences. It can also be an aggressive, confrontational energy that can be difficult for sensitive types who prefer the subtle, sensitive approach to communicating. Great energies for getting straight to the point and knowing just where you stand, there’s no ‘going around the bushes’ with Mercury in Aries!

March 11:
Uranus enters Aries ~ A Leap into the Unknown
This month’s big news is Uranus’ leap into initiating, impulsive, courageous Aries.

Uranus is THE planet of unpredictable change and impulsive action, especially in Aries, so expect some big surprises soon, especially if you have planets or angles in early degrees of the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn. Uranus transits to your natal planets or angles can be incredibly exciting or incredibly stressful and are usually both at the same time! Under a Uranus transit, be careful not to throw ‘baby out with the bathwater’ in your urgency to make changes in your life. For those who are resistant to change, you may find change forced upon you. The only thing you can reliably expect under a Uranus transit is the unexpected and with Uranus in Aries things are bound to happen quickly. Whatever happens, Uranus in Aries is an exciting transit of fast forward movement, sudden change, spontaneous happenings and exciting breakthroughs. 

Uranus in Aries - particularly at the ultra sensitive personal/private becomes public Aries Point - represents a public/collective break for independence and freedom. Just look at what is happening in the Middle East to see how those energies are already playing out. Limits are being forcefully lifted and anything seems possible – liberation, rebellion, revolution, mass change. These energies are of course connected to Pluto in Capricorn’s upcoming series of Squares to Uranus in Aries from 2012 to 2015. However, from a world transit perspective the energies of this alignment span all the way from 2007 through 2020.

Uranus will be in Aries until May 2018 and then it will move into Taurus for a while and then retrograde back to Aries and will finally leave Aries in March 2019.

For more on the themes of this ingress see A Uranus in Aries Brainstorm

Because Aries rules Mars, this ingress will activate your own personal Mars. To find out how, see Uranus in Aries and your personal Mars sign

See also Uranus in Aries Transits and Uranus, Fashion and the Roaring Twenties

Also highly recommended are the IAD Blog-A-Thon articles on Uranus in Aries over at Auntie Moon.

March 19:
Full Moon in Virgo ~ How Can I Help?
A Full Moon draws our attention to the opposing signs the Sun and Moon fall across. Both Virgo and Pisces are concerned with service, but while Virgo’s idea of service is directed, practical and analytical, Pisces’ serves in a more all-embracing, empathetic way. Either way, both signs want to help and helping others is a great way to use the energy of this Full Moon. But with Uranus connecting to this Full Moon, expect this lunation to be an unpredictable emotional rollercoaster ride!

March 20: 
Sun enters Aries
Vital, forceful, confident, direct, competitive, individualistic, forcefully expressive, antagonistic, spirited, pioneering, adventurous.....Yes, it’s the Sun in Aries! Come back in early April for more on Sun in Aries and its hero’s journey.  For now, here are some well known Aries folk having their say: Aries Speaks 

March 27: 
Venus enters Pisces
Venus in Pisces expresses affection sensitively, kindly and compassionately. Love for Venus in Pisces is nothing less than a merging of souls, a union made in heaven, pure poetry. It can also be escapist, indiscriminate, over idealistic and martyr-like, so don’t say you haven’t been warned! This is a good transit for feeling close to others and empathizing with their feelings gently, sympathetically and considerately.

March 28: 
Jupiter opposite Saturn
Jupiter and Saturn have been making a series of oppositions since May 2010 and this is the final one, marking the halfway point of the current Jupiter-Saturn cycle which began in 2000. Click on this link to read about this cycle and the current oppositions 

If you have planets or angles at 12-15 degrees of the cardinal signs this opposition will be an important transit for you. A lot can be achieved under this transit but it’s a case of finding the right balance between enthusiastically going over the top and cautiously holding yourself back!

March 30: 
Mercury in Aries Retrograde
And finally, the month ends with a Mercury in Aries retrograde.....a post on making the best of this Mercury retrograde coming soon.....

With love,

Note: the above lunations and ingresses will be most pertinent to you if they touch one of your natal planets or angles. For example, the Uranus ingress will connect with your chart if you have planets or angles in the first couple of degrees of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn). This represents an important transit and will be worth following to see how it is reflected in your life. The sign changes for the fast moving planets – e.g. Sun, Mercury and Venus - do not represent major transits if they hit something important in your birth chart, but are still interesting passing influences worth paying attention to.

Photo credit: Kalyanvarma via Wikimedia Commons http://kalyanvarma.net

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  1. "Come back in early April for more on Sun in Aries and its hero's journey." For HJ, recommend http://www.clickok.co.uk/index4.html


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